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11 Dopp Kits to Help You Travel Like a Civilized Human – RealClearLife

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From supple leather to water-resistant performance nylon.

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We concern ourselves with handsome and versatile luggage to a) make sure we can safely take everything with us that we want to take with us and b) that people can see from our choice in luggage what great taste we have.

If that sentiment rings true, then we should theoretically be paying similar attention to our dopp kits, the piece of luggage meant to house the grooming products meant to ensure that we can look as put together as our choice of luggage suggests we are. Plus, it’s home to things that actually go inside your body (toothbrush, q-tips, etc.) so it had better be quality.

We’re of the opinion that quality dopp kits can be found across a wide range of prices and materials. Below, our 11 choices in ascending order of price:

Bond Travel Gear Escapade Gear Pouch
This kit has a much flatter orientation than your typical toiletry bag, meaning that it can be fully opened and laid flat, allowing for much easier access to your things. Also water resistant.


Aer Dopp Kit
Aer makes great bags, and their dopp kit is no exception. With an interesting grey fabric exterior, water resistance and a separate toothbrush pocket, it’s a great option.


Away Dopp Kit 
The selling point on this one is the water-resistant performance nylon that gives it an incredibly slick look. Simple and practical.


Bellroy Classic Pouch 
Made from woven polyester, this is a slight tweak on the classic dopp kit form and allows for wider unzipping and easy packability due to it’s slightly smaller size.


Peak Design Dopp Kit
One of the more versatile dopp kits in the collection, this bag can sit upright or be hung from a stowable hook. Plus it’s got internal sections galore, including a magnetically-sealed toothbrush pocket.


Boundary Port Kit
This one is great because it has two separate compartments: one for dry goods and one for travel sized liquids, keeping everything safe should any shampoo explosions occur.


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11 Dopp Kits to Help You Travel Like a Civilized Human – RealClearLife

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