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5 Things Android Phones Can Do That iPhones Can’t (& 5 Things Only iPhones Can Do) – Screen Rant

The debate between Apple and Android users continues to rage on. Which is a better product? These days cellphone hardware is closely matched across platforms. Android has expanded its inter-device features to catch up to Apple’s ease of use features.

The race is closer than it’s ever been. At this point in the development of both platforms, it’s a matter of choosing the features that fit your needs the best. To help you determine which is best for you, here’s a quick comparison of some Apple and Android exclusive features and functions.

10 Android: Split Screen Mode

This feature is especially helpful to anyone who uses their smartphone for work. Being able to view two apps at once is a really handy productivity feature that lets you get more done in less time. Android users have been enjoying this feature since the Nougat update launched. To use this feature, open one of the apps you want to use.

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Tap the “recently used apps” button and select the second app you’d like to open. You can even adjust how much of the screen each app takes up with a simple on-screen slider bar. You could take notes while watching a video or copy information from one app to another in no time.

9 Apple: AirDrop

AirDrop is a native feature of iOS that’s incredibly popular and useful. With this feature, you can easily share media files between Apple devices via Bluetooth connection. This feature makes it incredibly helpful to send photos from your iPhone to your iPad for editing or send a video to your computer.

You can also easily share photos with family and friends at events. The feature has customizable security settings that allow you to determine your visibility.

8 Android: Guest Account

This feature makes sharing your phone with other stress-free. Using the Guest Account feature allows you to limit what is accessible on your phone before you lend it to someone else. In this mode, users can only access default apps on the Android os. None of your accounts will be logged in and all of your data will be safe.

This is really handy for parents who want to allow their kids to watch youtube videos or text family members without worrying about unintentional app store purchases or other slip-ups. Imagine being able to hand your phone to a friend without having to worry about any snooping.

7 Apple: WiFi Password Sharing

iOS 11 launched an exciting new feature that makes sharing WiFi passwords easier than ever. Long gone are the days of trying to explain a complex string of letters and numbers to your guests.

Simply hold your iPhone close to another and dialogue will automatically pop up asking if you’d like to share your password. Tap “Share Password” and the information is sent over for you.

6 Android: Storage Upgrades

This may be one of the biggest advantages Android phones have over Apple products. The way we use our phones has changed. Our phones have become integral parts of our careers and home lives.

Most Android phones give you the option to add additional storage by purchasing a micro SD card. For anyone storing large files for work or keeping a lot of photos, this means you can even transfer that data from one phone to the next effortlessly.

5 Apple: Offload

iOS 11 makes it easier than ever to keep your phone clutter-free. Offload quietly works in the background of your phone. It identifies infrequently used apps and removes them from your device.

A greyed-out icon will remain on your device and all of your related data will be retained. You can easily reinstall these apps with a simple tap if you decide you’d like to use them again.

4 Android: Choice Of File Managers

Using an Android phone gives you the flexibility to choose a file management system that works for you. If you prefer something minimalist there are plenty of apps to cater to your style. There are also file managers loaded with features, organization options, and customization. It’s a matter of what works best for you and how you use your phone.

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You aren’t locked into the default Android system. This is a fantastic feature for anyone who stores a lot of data on their phone for a wide range of applications. For example, you can keep a large photo collection sorted out between family photos and professional graphic design.

3 Apple: Easy Transfer

When you switch from one Apple device to another, the process is incredibly quick and easy. With the QuickStart feature, all you need to set up your new phone is your old phone. You simply power on both devices and hold them close together. QuickStart will open on your old phone automatically.

Enter your Apple Id on your new phone, and you’ll see an animation. Once you see the animation, capture it with your old phone’s camera. Your passwords, info, and more will automatically transfer to your new device.

2 Android: Home Screen Customization

If you really like to customize your phone android has several features that make it easy. You can use widgets to quickly and easily access information from apps without having to launch the app itself.

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You could use widgets to display your local weather on your home screen or even the latest headlines.  Simply press and hold your home screen to access the widgets menu then select which parent app you’d like to create a widget for.  There are several android launcher apps you can use to completely change the appearance of your home screen.

1 Apple: iMessage

iMessage is one of the most practical and popular apps in the iOS system. iMessage syncs messages across all Apple devices that are associated with the same AppleID. You can read texts on your Mac, Macbook, iPad, and Apple watch easily.

iMessage utilizes cellular data rather than SMS. This means that you can send a text from anywhere you have access to data or a WiFi signal. That’s a pretty useful feature by itself. A newly launched feature allows you to send money via ApplePay directly within the iMessage app.

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