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5 Ways To Maximize Your Travel Booking on Google – NerdWallet

Google recently unveiled a slew of new features for the Google Flights and Google Hotels sites that are making it easier for travelers to compare options and make sure they are getting the best deal.

Thanks to Google’s wealth of data, the search engine is able to use machine learning to give travelers more insight into price fluctuations. This method helps travelers make more informed decisions to get more savings.

Here are some of the cool features that travelers can use to optimize their next booking search on Google.

1. Price insights for Google Flights

To give travelers more confidence in their travel booking, Google is making its price insights meter, which was previously only available during holiday periods, a mainstay in the Google Flights search results. The meter tells travelers whether the price of the flight they’ve selected is unusually low or high compared to typical prices. It can also indicate whether prices are likely to drop or rise in the near future.

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2. Filter for hotel deals

The new “Deals” filter makes it easy to find hotels that are selling rooms at less than their normal rate or less than similar hotels in the area. This feature makes it faster for travelers to get more bang for their buck when it comes to booking hotels.

3. Compare hotel amenities

The hotel’s highlights are more visible in the search results. The overview of the property in the Google Hotels search results now shows badges for amenities like a fancy pool or tips like “good for families.”

4. Find hotels near attractions

No more switching between tabs of hotel booking sites and Google Maps to try to figure out which accommodation is in the best location. Travelers can search with a query such as “hotels near Disney World” on Google Maps. Immediately, travelers will find hotel results with room rates and walking and driving directions to the landmark.

5. Book directly on Google

When you’re ready to book, there’s a “Book a room” button that lets travelers either book directly on Google or on the hotel or third-party’s booking site. The dates will already be auto-filled. It’s that easy.

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5 Ways To Maximize Your Travel Booking on Google – NerdWallet

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