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AAA Travel – Travel Weekly

AAA Travel

2018 sales: $4.13 billion
Employees: 4,655
Previous ranking: 13

1000 AAA Drive
Heathrow, FL 32746
T (407) 444-7000



PRESIDENT/CEO: Marshall L. Doney
VP, TRAVEL: Paula Twidale

2018 Developments

Continued to grow its AAA Vacations tour and cruise product portfolio, including new suppliers and itineraries.

Updated the criteria its inspectors use to evaluate more than 27,000 hotels throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, replacing previous ratings for traditional business centers with scores for connective technology, including the availability of free WiFi and USB ports as well as mobile apps, interactive kiosks, mobile key technology and the availability of digital messaging services at high-end properties.

Company Facts

Direct sales of travel products to consumers and AAA members.

ARC sales of $531.7 million.

95% of sales from leisure, 5% business.

Member clubs fully or partially own AAA Exclusive Vacations, Pleasant Holidays, Member Choice Vacations, Air by Pleasant and American Tours International.

Privately held.

Looking Ahead

Will continue to contemporize its consumer and travel agent technology.

Will focus on expanding the marketing funnel to grow sales; for example, AAA has become a sponsor of the PBS  travel show “Places to Love.”

AAA Travel – Travel Weekly

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