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Android P could hamper everyone who hates the notch – here's how – TrustedReviews

Android P promises support for smartphones with cut out displays, but that could have an unfortunate side-effect for those who won’t be embracing the notch.

Interestingly, the latest developer beta for the Android P only features room for four app icons on the left-hand side of the status bar.

As Android Police reports, this means there are far less notifications than are available in the current Android Oreo operating system.

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The clock now appears on the left side of the status bar, while anything beyond four app notifications will be indicated by white dots. The amount of dots will depict the amount of extra notifications.

That means Android P users will need to open the full notification pane in order to see see all of the alerts.

Here’s how it looks in the current Android P beta:

Image credit: Android P

Even handsets handsets like the latest Google Pixel 2 smartphone, which doesn’t boast a cut-out display, are affected by the new feature.

If this feature makes it through the beta stage and is present in the final Android P release, it’s unlikely to please phone owners who’ve deliberately ignored the notch trend.

However, as Android Police points out, the presence in the developer preview might simply be a way for devs to get used to working with cut-out displays.

The as-yet unnamed Android P will likely be released in October, alongside a new range of Pixel 3 smartphones.

Have you embraced the notch yet? Or will you wait for this trend to pass and grab a full-screen smartphone? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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