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Apex Legends: How to improve FPS on PC and remove 144 FPS cap – Dexerto

Since the Season 1 update in Apex Legends, there have been some big changes to optimization, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as a new bug on PC, which is capping players’ frames per second (FPS) at 144 max.

If you are playing Apex Legends on a mid to high end PC setup, with a fairly powerful GPU, using the settings below will get you the highest possible FPS, but until Respawn Entertainment can fix the 144 FPS cap, this will be your upper limit.

You also don’t necessarily need to turn all the settings to the absolute minimum, because although this will undoubtedly help with FPS, it can also have some drawbacks on gameplay.

Some settings on PC will impact your FPS more than others, and so it’s important to target these settings, which in turn will allow you to bump up the quality of others, while still maintaining an optimum frame rate.

For example, settings like ‘Ambient Occlusion Quality’ and ‘Volumetric Lighting’ can put serious load on your GPU, and so turning these to ‘low/disabled’ is always advised.

However, you may want to keep some settings, like Anti-Aliasing, Impact Marks and Texture Filtering higher, as this will ensure that enemies and objects are still nice and clear, especially at longer ranges.

Best graphics settings for Apex Legends on PC for improved FPS

Note: For best performance and minimum input lag, always disable V-Sync.

How to remove Apex Legends 144 FPS cap on PC 

If you have a high end GPU, you may be able to get well over 144 frames per second on Apex Legends, at 1080p and with the settings as shown above.

However, following the Season 1 update, Respawn have admitted that they accidentally capped frame rates at 144. That means that those of you with high refresh rate monitors (say, 240Hz) and a GPU like the RTX 2070/80/80Ti or GTX 1080/80Ti, might be missing out on some major performance.

A fix for this cap (which was meant to be set at 300, not 144) will be coming soon though. When it does, here’s what you need to do to uncap your frame rate on Apex Legends:

  1. Close Apex Legends (you cannot access launch options if the game is running)
  2. Open Origin
  3. Go to My Game Library and left click on Apex Legends
  4. Click the ‘Settings’ cog (Under ‘Play’)
  5. Click ‘Game Properties’
  6. Navigate to the ‘Advanced Launch Options’ tab
  7. In the command line, type: +fps_max unlimited
  8. Click ‘Save

How to show FPS counter in Apex Legends on PC

If you want to monitor your FPS in real time while playing Apex Legends, there are a couple of methods. 

First, you could use a third party overlay. If you have an NVidia GPU for example, the you can turn on the FPS counter by pressing Alt+Z and going to ‘hud’ in settings.

Origin itself also has an FPS counter. Head to settings in Origin, then ‘in-game settings’ and select where you want to show the FPS counter.

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