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Apple Replacing Lightning Port With Android-Style Charging Cables, iOS Leak Claims – UNILAD

Just when people were beginning to come to terms with the fact iPhones no longer have a headphone port, a new leak has revealed Apple could be ditching its Lightening adapter in favour of a USB-C.

A screengrab of the new recovery mode screen in iOS 13 has allegedly been leaked, suggesting the iPhone 11 could come without the Lightening port, which has been a key feature on iPhone since 2012.

Rumours of the potential change had been circulating around the tech world for some time, and this screengrab would appear to confirm these rumours. Meanwhile, Apple has already moved to the USB-C cables for its iPad pro.

If the change does go ahead, it would render all current Apple charges as redundant for iPhone 11 and any subsequent models.

In the screenshot, the image of the Lightning cable shown in iOS 12 has clearly been replaced with a USB-C cable.

The screenshot, as reported by Mail Online, which was posted on Twitter by Raphael Mouton, shows the familiar Lightning cable and iTunes icon that appeared on the iPhone screen in previous iOS versions isn’t there anymore.

It has now been replaced with the image of a laptop and what appears to be a USB-C cable.

A USB-C charger is commonly used on android devices and was created for thinner, sleeker devices like tablets and ulta-book, while claiming to be robust enough for smartphones. It was built on existing USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 technologies.

However, the main feature is that it is reversible and will therefore work whichever way it is plugged in.

USB-C was launched in 2014 and is being used in more and more gadgets because of its ability to charge devices much faster than previous USB chargers, which could only handle a limited amount of power.

Existing iPhone charger docks will no longer be compatible with subsequent iPhones if the rumoured changes are to go ahead afterall.

Official Apple chargers currently retail at around £20 which means there could be a lot of disgruntled customers if they’re no longer usable.

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