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Batman: 10 Crazy Joker Gadgets Fans Forgot About | CBR – CBR – Comic Book Resources

The Joker was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson all the way back in the 1940s’. He has always been a supervillain and a mastermind since his comic debut. With an archenemy as smart as Batman, the Joker has always had to be two or three steps ahead of him. Considering the Joker is not superpowered, he has had to get the upper hand in more creative ways.

The Joker is modeled after the everyday clown, and what is something that clowns have always had? A trick up their sleeves. In the Joker’s case, however, these tricks are usually deadly. Here is Batman: 10 Crazy Joker Gadgets Fans Forgot About.

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10 Joker’s Utility Belt

Just like Batman, the Joker has his own utility where some of his extreme tricks and traps are stored. The Joker’s utility belt was first introduced in Batman issue #73 with the tag line on the cover reading, “The crime clown steals Batman’s thunder with ‘The Joker’s’ utility belt!” The Joker was tired of Batman foiling his plans with gadgets from his utility belt so he made his own.

The belt includes but is not limited to: Snake pellets, hand buzzer, itching powder capsules, Mexican Jumping Beans, small cork, and many other odds and ends.

9 X-Ray Specs

The Joker’s X-ray specs are seen in the Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight video games. They are seen at the GCPD where the other evidence is being stored of the Joker’s. These glasses shared the same game mechanic as Batman’s detective mode. The Joker used the glasses in his attempt to take over Arkham Asylum, but players could also use them in a Joker POV DLC.

The glasses made a funky sound every time the Joker put them on and the player could only see the people’s skeletons through them.

8 Trick Streamers

Another thing the Joker stores in his Batman-like utility belt or up his sleeve are trick streamers. They were first seen in the 1960’s Batman live-action TV show in the episode “Batman is Riled” where Batman and Robin face off up against the Joker once again.

If the Joker’s aim is good enough, the streamers are able to wrap around the caped crusader. The streamers are a bunch of different colors that are obviously stronger than the ones the duo is used to. The Joker was able to get away while Batman and Robin were trying to get the pesky party decorations off.

7 Exploding Cigar

As the name suggests, the cigar explodes the moment it is lit. It has been used to hurt whoever is smoking it or even a much larger area. It is known as one of Joker’s gag items but it seems quite deadly for a joke.

The Joker uses the cigar to kill one of his goons in Batman #251. In this issue, the cigar’s explosion was so powerful that it destroyed the man’s house. While such a big explosion seems like overkill, it is more for the dramatic effects for the Joker. 

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6 Jokerang

In the Batman telltale game, the players are able to control the Joker and his actions. *Spoiler alert* One path players may choose in the game is to have the Joker become a vigilante instead of a villain. The Joker then uses weapons similar to Batman’s, such as the Batarang.

They are designed to look like the Joker’s signature clown smile with white teeth and bright red lipstick. The Jokerangs were created by his friend Willy Deever. They were made to be highly durable and extremely sharp. These jokerangs could be deadly for any of the Joker’s foes.

5 Boxing Glove Arm

This weapon has been seen across many iterations of the Joker. From comics, TV shows, movie, and video games the Joker seems to take this thing everywhere. It is always either loaded on a mechanical arm or in a gun. It is a red boxing glove that when let loose it dispatches a very powerful punch. Kinda like the same mechanics of Green Arrow’s boxing glove arrow.

Anyone hoping to see the glorious boxing glove arm in action can find it famously used in the cartoon “the Batman,” the video game Mortal Kombat vs Dc Universe or the Tim Burton 1989 Batman movie.

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4 Chattering Teeth

Another dangerous gag gift of the Jokers is his Chattering teeth a.k.a Joker’s teeth. These iconic teeth wind up and roam around in an annoying clattering sound. The Joker uses these teeth for a variety of things, be it aesthetic reasons or sometimes more explosive situations.

While this gadget may seem simple at first, it can be quite disastrous if used in combat with the Joker. On multiple occasions, it is seen that the Joker has these chattering gag teeth on him at all times. It is obviously one of his favorite gadget.

3 Acid Flower

These are one of the Joker’s infamous gadgets that have gone through some changes over the years. In the beginning, the Joker’s flower was just a simple water-squirting gag but has gone on to become much more lethal. Following the Vietnam war era, the squirting flower went on to be filled with deadly acid instead of water. In fact, the acid is so bad, it instantly burns anything it touches and creates a plume of smoke.

This famous flower does not only squirt water or acid but has on occasion contained the Joker’s laughing gas. One thing is for sure though; no matter what is inside the flower, it always sits pretty and looks rather dapper on the Joker’s purple lapel. 

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2 Jester Cane

The infamous cane that the Joker brings with him when he is feeling classy. In recent media, the Joker had it on him in Suicide Squad, but other than that it is more of an old school Joker accessory. In older movies, TV shows, and comics he was sporting it quite often.

The cane even doubled as a sword when fighting Tim Drake’s Robin in Robin II: The Joker’s Wild! The cane is usually a black or wooden stick with a Jester head resembling the Joker carved into the top. Perhaps the Joker that most used the cane was Tim Burton’s Joker, Jack Neiper.

1 Weighted Tailcoat Weapon

Gadget or great fashion sense? The Joker has been known to make use of everything around him, even his tailcoat. Much like Batman’s weighted cape. The weights are activated when the Joker pulls a thread in his purple suit’s lapel making them punch foes in the face. This gadget has not been used in quite a while but would be great to see in a Joker comic somewhere.

Throughout the years it is shown that the Joker mirrors a lot of the Batman’s gadgets, either to defeat him or imitate him. It could be a metaphor for the Joker and Batman being two sides of the same coin.

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