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Battlefield 5 PC Performance Guide: Control and Spectator Mode – VGR.com

Battlefield 5 is already available on EA Access and Origin Access, ahead of the full worldwide release on the 20th of November. Although DICE has already released the PC system requirements, as well as two sets of higher-end recommended requirements, the studio has now also released a more detailed breakdown of what players will have available; this includes performance and display options.

How to Get the Best Control in Battlefield 5 PC

“The right mouse and keyboard settings can mean the difference between a flick shot or a whiffed shot,” says DICE; “Play with confidence and comfort using Battlefield 5’s deep key mapping options and various adjustable game settings.”

Battlefield 5 PC Control Options

Battlefield 5 boasts “Raw Mouse Support”; if you enable this setting, you can enable 1-to-1 movement between your mouse and in-game movement with no delays, acceleration, etc. The game also features a huge amount of customisation options. These include, among others, the ability to auto-deploy a parachute, the ability to show or disable HUD elements, the ability to adjust the visibility of cross-hairs, the ability to peek-over and lean automatically, and even a hint system for new players. If you aren’t happy with the keyboard setup, you can remap the entire keyboard as much as you want.

Battlefield 5 PC Spectator Mode Options

The Battlefield 5 Spectator Mode is available on all platforms. However, there are certain aspects of this system available only on Battlefield 5 PC. You can adjust mouse sensitivity for all of the spectator cameras, for example. You can also set up dedicated key binds for your squad; this allows you to jump your perspective from player to player at the push of a button. You can even change and save the resolution scale just for Spectator Mode without affecting the game’s core display options.

Battlefield 5 PC Spectator Mode Options

Additionally, when you take screenshots using Spectator More on Battlefield 5 PC; you use the same dedicated player-specific key-binds to take screenshots. You can automatically enable or disable anti-aliasing purely for screenshots, and even set what kind of image file to create with screenshots; either PNG, TGA, or JPG.

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