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Best Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallets for Android and iOS – Coindoo (press release) (blog)

Seeing as there many types of wallets on which an investor can store its crypto, a mobile wallet is considered to be one of the simplest and convenient options as it lets you access your funds on the go. After a quick download and install, you can manage your crypto assets no matter where you are.

Whether your smartphone runs on Android or iOS, here are some of the best wallets that you can use to store your cryptocurrency.

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi wallet is a popular choice for both Android and iOS users, offering multi-storage options for coins at the same time. The wallet supports an impressive number of assets (110+ cryptocurrencies) which is ideal for investors that want to have a diversified portfolio. It also has integrated ShapeShift, which increases the ease of use and speed of transactions.

Coinomi features increased privacy and security measures such as wallet encryption, seed generation, complete anonymity, and one-time backup. The wallet also states that it doesn’t hold any private keys directly on the user’s mobile phone. The application is free: you only pay to miners. It also has its own exchange, but this feature received some negative reviews.

Electrum Wallet

Established in 2012, Electrum is one of the best wallets on the market, as it offers robust security, has a flawless reputation, and it is fast and convenient. It is considered to be the pioneer of crypto wallets, and because of that, it offers a wide spectrum of features for its users. The wallet’s private keys are encrypted and are always on your device, plus the wallet can be recovered with a secret phrase.

Bitcoin.com Wallet

Bitcoin wallet is an easy to use wallet ideal for beginners who just entered the crypto world. This P2P wallet doesn’t even require an account. It is one of the oldest Bitcoin apps on the market which still has plenty to offer such as NFC support, offline payments, QR-code scanning, etc.

But this user-friendly approach usually comes at a cost and lacks in the security department. If someone gains access to your private keys, they can freely use your wallet. Also, there is no clear backup solution if you lose your device.


Jaxx is a crypto wallet that runs on both Android and iOS systems. In addition to these mobile versions, Jaxx also has a Google Chrome extension. The wallet was designed by one of Ethereum’s co-founders, having a straightforward user interface which simplifies trading activities. Currently, Jaxx can be used to store almost 70 altcoins. Like Coinomi, the wallet is integrated with ShapeShift, simplifying and speeding up crypto transactions.

There is a flat fee charged on every transaction that depends on the particular cryptocurrency. The wallet is not as security-focused as other options, but it does include a sign-up process and 2-factor authentication. There have been some complaints regarding Jaxx’s security bugs.



Edge (Formerly Airbitz) is also a non-custodial HD wallet which generates a new address for each completed transaction, masking the identity of the parties involved in the trade.

Edge’s iOS version wallet is one of the oldest Bitcoin storing apps in the market and has garnered decent reviews so far. The wallet prioritizes security and privacy, not storing any of the user’s keys or funds on its central servers.

The wallet currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and a number of less popular coins.


Mycelium is a mobile application that lets you store crypto and offers a broad selection of tools that may seem a bit too much for crypto newbies. The project exists since 2008, and it is still backed up by a large number of developers behind which constantly bring new innovations and improvements.

The wallet is HD-enabled, meaning that you can manage multiple accounts and never reuse an address.

This Bitcoin-only wallet utilizes Bit ID protocol, which needs for you to set a PIN for trading with BTC in the future. The app itself is free to use, but the miner’s commission will have to be paid.


If you are looking to trade or store crypto from the comfort of your mobile device, our list features some great wallet options that are compatible with both Android and iOS users.

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