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Best iPad mini cases 2018: Save your iPad mini from scratches and cracks – Expert Reviews

The iPad mini 4 has been around for a good few years now, but it’s still the best small tablet on the market. If you’re the proud owner of one, and wish to remain so, you won’t want it to get scratched or cracked – nor shattered, waterlogged otherwise compromised.

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In short, you’ll want to equip your tablet with a suitable protective case. Here’s our pick of the very best cases money can buy; we’ve focused on the iPad mini 4, but If you’re still using an older iPad mini then many of the manufacturers listed below also make cases for previous models.

And if you’re waiting for the iPad mini 5 – well, then, don’t hold your breath. Right now it doesn’t even have a release date, but you can read all about the rumours right here.

Best iPad mini cases from £8

1. Apple Smart Cover for iPad mini 4: Best official Apple case

Price: £24 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re a die-hard Apple loyalist, this is the iPad case for you. The Smart Cover is considered the best of Apple’s first-party cases, thanks to its attractive appearance and functional simplicity. Its snap-on, snap-off mechanism is easy to attach and remove, and protects the screen when not in use. Your iPad mini will also wake up when you open the cover, and automatically go to sleep when it’s shut. Hence the “Smart”, we suppose.  

Then, of course, there’s the cover’s real party trick – it folds into several different positions, so you can prop up your iPad mini at an angle, making it easy to enjoy videos. Amazon is selling the Smart Cover for a reasonable £24, although if you’re really committed to Cupertino you can pick one up at the Apple store for £39.

2. Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case for iPad mini 4: Toughest overall iPad mini case

Price: £37.50  | Buy now from Amazon

Some iPad users buy multiple cases to suit different purposes – but if you just want one, the Griffin Survivor will do the job whether you’re sat at home reading an e-mag or watching Netflix in a warzone.

Its military-standard protection is certified to guard your iPad against damage from scratches, drops, water, dust, vibrations, and other extreme environmental hazards. With four layers, including a built-in screen protector, shatter-resistant polycarbonate and shock absorbing silicone, there’s not much this hardcore case can’t handle – and it doesn’t look bad either, in a rugged sort of way.

3. Cooper Dynam Kidproof Case for iPad mini 4: Best case for children

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

Children love iPads – but if you’re considering letting the kids loose on your £320 tablet, you need to be certain they won’t shatter the screen playing frisbee with it. Enter the Cooper Dynam Kidproof Case.

Available in six eye-catching crayon colours, this durable rubberised enclosure features EVA foam for great shock absorbency – and it also happens to be toxin-free, so there’s no need to fear if your toddler gets a bit peckish halfway through Peppa Pig.

There’s also a nifty fold-down handle which can be used to carry or prop up the tablet, and a self-applied clear screen protector. Cooper Dynam claims that these one-piece iPad mini cases are indestructible – and we’re sure your kids will happily put that to the test.

4. JETech Case for iPad mini 4: Best case for under £10

Price: £8 | Buy now from Amazon

This JETech case is one of the cheapest cases you can buy – which is perhaps one reason why it’s the number one choice on Amazon. It’s the quality that really impresses, though. While the JETech costs a lot less than the official Apple Smart Cover, it’s similar in style and function, with an automatic wake/sleep feature, a tri-fold free-standing cover and protective hard shell bumpers. It even comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about build quality. An absolute steal.

5. KHOMO Dual Carbon Fibre Case for iPad mini 4: Best dual cover case

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

This chic carbon-fibre case may not be quite as rugged as the Griffin, but it’s ideal for everyday use around the house, and tough enough for travelling. It’s ultra-slim, coated in scratch-free rubber, and available in no fewer than 15 eye-catching colours.

The rear provides a non-slip grip with added drop protection, while the front cover seals magnetically to prevent accidental opening. The front can also be folded at two different angles, for typing or watching video, and there’s a wake/sleep function too. You might also appreciate the clever “Sound Boost” feature, which uses cut-outs in the case to reflect the sound from the iPad mini 4’s speakers directly at you, enhancing the perceived audio volume.

6. Otterbox Symmetry Series Folio Case for iPad mini 4: Most stylish folio case

Price: £23 | Buy now from Amazon

Otterbox is well known for its stylish but sturdy smartphone case, and it has an attractive range of tablet cases too. The Symmetry Series Folio Case is by far the most elegant case we’ve seen for the iPad mini 4 – it comes in Black Night, Merlot Shadow or Glacier Storm – and it’s also the easiest to use, with a one-piece design that slides on like a glove.

Weighing just 60g and made from flexible polyester-urethane hybrid materials, the Otterbox Symmetry Series Folio isn’t quite as durable as some heftier cases. However, it offers excellent scratch protection and should protect your tablet from odd knocks and drops. It’s best feature is definitely the versatile folding cover stand, which can be set up in portrait or landscape; if you want your iPad mini 4 to travel in style, this is the case to buy.

7. Grovemade Wooden Maple Sleeve for iPad mini 4: Best protective sleeve

Price: £79 | Buy now from Grovemade

This sleeve won’t protect your iPad mini 4 while you’re using it, but it’s perfect for travelling or storing your tablet away when not in use. Slip the unit in and it’s snugly sandwiched in ultra-cushioning premium wool felt – which is in turn encased in an exterior hard shell of laser-cut, hand-polished wood. When you want to use your iPad, you just slide it out using the smart, practical pull-tab.

It’s a truly tough and distinctive sleeve. The downside is that it costs $79 – and you have to ship it from Oregon, which will further add to the cost, and frustrate impatient shoppers accustomed to next-day delivery.

Buy now from Grovemade

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