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Bithumb exchange hacked, Bitcoin crosses $4,200 level resistance and more – AMBCrypto News

Crypto News – 30th March

Binance CEO on excessive printing of fiat: Changpeng Zhao, or CZ as he is popularly known in the crypto-world, stated that due to the nature of fiat currency creation at the will of the government, cryptocurrency will, one day, surge one thousand times against sovereign currency.

Read more on https://bit.ly/2HNkc6v

Cryptopia hacker transfers stolen Ethereum to unknown wallet: The alert stated that over $4 million worth of Ethereum tokens were transferred to a different address.

Read more on https://bit.ly/2CJX84H

Nimbus-to-Nimbus testnet goes live:  The Nimbus team informed users that testnet will be restarted a couple of times in the coming weeks to integrate feedback requests, after monitoring the testnet’s performance.

Read more on https://bit.ly/2CFvplB

SEC stalls a publicly traded Bitcoin [BTC] product: The notice from the SEC stated that a “longer period” was necessary to take a decision on the ETF. Given this extension, the regulatory body will confirm their stance on the Bitcoin ETF on May 16, 2019, according to the notice.

Read more on https://bit.ly/2FLNBfh

JPMorgan’s blockchain job posting more than any other financial firm: Latest reports showed that the bank was hiring for more blockchain jobs than any other firm on Wall Street firm.

Read more on https://bit.ly/2FLAmv9

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