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Broadcom Targets 5G Networks, Hyperscale Security – SDxCentral

Broadcom released a dual 400 gigabit Ethernet MACSec PHY device designed to support increasing bandwidth demands and security requirements for 5G and cloud services.

MACSec, or Media Access Control Security, is an industry standard security technology for Ethernet traffic that executes the encryption function in the physical layer (PHY) of the Ethernet port.

Broadcom’s new BCM81343 family of networking products builds on its earlier dual 100G MACSec PHY, and it quadruples the switch bandwidth capability with dual 400G ports, so the device supports up to 800G of switch bandwidth. It also supports the IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP), which provides accurate clock timing for time-sensitive transactions and mission-critical tasks.

Hardware-Based Security for 5G, Cloud

These features become more important as cloud and service provider networks move to 400G Ethernet. Additionally, cloud and 5G applications need hardware-based MACSec capability to secure high-speed data links and accurate PTP time-stamping to ensure high reliability and quality of service.

“Data privacy and security have become critical in the data center and cloud infrastructure given the increasing number of security breaches,” said said Lorenzo Longo, SVP and GM of Broadcom’s Physical Layer Products Division, in a statement. “As cloud and service providers transition their networks to 400G Ethernet to support the growing demand for higher bandwidth and emerging 5G services, it’s imperative that their 400G networks be equipped with 400G MACSec to protect against intrusion attacks, wiretapping, and other threats.”

The new networking device works with 12.8-Tb/s switches including Broadcom’s Tomahawk 3, Jericho 2, and Trident 4.

It follows another recent Broadcom data center release: last month the vendor rolled out new peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) switches and a retimer for data centers and cloud providers. And it comes at a time when Intel’s honing in on Broadcom’s data center interconnect dominance via its recent Barefoot purchase.

Also last month, Broadcom reached a deal to buy Symantec’s enterprise security business for $10.7 billion in cash.

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