Tyler Huntley (Photo: Joel Davidson, UteZone, 247Sports)


If you were a child in the 90s or have the maturity of an adolescent teen like I do, there’s a high likelihood that at some point you came home from school during the day and flipped the TV on to find a low-budget production TV show with five high school aged “superheroes” that had the ability to “morph” into some kind of super-ninjas in colored spandex(Low budget is likely being too kind. I’ve seen my 10 year old nephew produce higher quality content on his iPad). The show was formulaic to say the least; the “heroes” would encounter some source of evil and be unable to beat it as themselves, so they would morph into their spandex and still be unable to overcome, thus acquiring some animal-spirit type robot called a Zord, which ALSO wouldn’t be enough to overcome whatever bad guy they were fighting so they’d merge the Zords together for a MegaZord and, wow, it’s becoming fairly obvious why the generation that grew up with this might have a few issues. 

There’s a point to reliving this bizarre TV show and the absolutely miserable production quality other than to obtain some faint nostalgia from a time when pizza rolls were an acceptable snack and bills were the thing on the front of your baseball cap and not the real life version of a Dementor, and that’s to take the ups and downs that Utah has faced at the QB position over the past decade and assemble our very own Megazord of Utah quarterbacks, taking various skill sets from each QB to man the field general position over the past few decades and build the ultimate quarterback prospect. We’re getting sooo close to the season starting, so jump into the cockpit with me as we go back in time a bit and build our Mega-QB-zord.