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Camera accessory maker Moment launches camera app for iOS and Android – GSMArena.com

Moment is a brand known for making camera accessories for smartphones. The company makes a range of lenses, which work with their specially designed cases for the iPhone. It has now launched a mobile camera app for both iPhone and Android.

Called Moment, the app features manual controls for photo capture on both platforms. This includes exposure, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and focusing. You get a live histogram view so you can adjust your settings accordingly. You can tap to focus, lock focus or adjust focus and exposure independently. The app also includes RAW capture if your device supports it.

The iOS version gets a few extra features. You can record videos in the app, with multiple resolution and frame rate options. You also get electronic image stabilization. Most importantly, the full range of manual adjustment options are also available in the video mode.

The iOS app also lets you choose whether you want to save images in HEIF or JPEG, videos in HEVC or H.264 and uncompressed images in RAW or TIFF. If you have a dual rear camera, you can also manually switch between the two modules. The only thing missing here, which apps like Halide have, is a portrait mode.

The app costs $2.99 on Android. On iOS, the initial download is free but apart from taking basic photos and videos, everything else is locked until you pay $2.99 to unlock the full set of options. On iOS it’s a no-brainer, especially if you have been using the stock Camera app. On Android, you may or may not want to purchase depending upon how good your phone’s stock camera app is.

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