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Man dies during TikTok stunt – Gadgets Now

A 23-year-old man, who broke his spinal cord while performing a somersault for a video meant to be uploaded on TikTok mobile application recently, succumbed to his injuries Sunday, police said. Kumar from Godekere in Tumakuru district was seriously injured while performing a stunt at a school ground on June …

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Why companies must rethink security – Gadget

Vodacom My Muze Since launching its music gateway in April, Vodacom has made over 30-million songs available on My Muze, which has attracted 1,3 million visitors and almost a million app installations. Vodacom says this is mainly due to its ease of use, the ability to catch up on music industry news and …

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Kitchen gadget: Cast iron pan – The Standard

ALSO READ: Kitchen gadget: Two-in-one tea machine Long time ago, at an appropriately named Iron Age, cast iron was relied upon as a cooking surface. But is it still the healthiest option? Being a great conductor of thermal energy, it allows for excellent quality of cooked food with great taste …

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Pet of the Week: Inspector Gadget and Penny – County 17

Meet Inspector Gadget and Penny, a bonded pair of tiny toy poodles. “If they were human, they would finish each others sentences. That’s how bonded they truly are,” explains Carolyn Sears, owner of Rest Easy my Friend Canine Rescue and Sanctuary. Penny, the apricot colored pooch, is a 10-year-old female, …

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5 Must Have Modern Day Golf Gadgets – Golfshake

Article by Will Trinkwon The 21st century is undoubtedly a technological age. Everywhere you go, you spot people buried deep within their smart phones, joggers shuffling through music on their iPods, or keeping track of their fitness on multipurpose digital watches. Although it’s often proverbially associated with the past and …

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