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Iran 'foils second cyber-attack in a week'

Image copyright EPA Image caption Cyber-attacks aim to take over – or cripple – entire computer systems Iran has foiled a second cyber-attack in less than a week, the country’s telecommunications minister says. Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi announced on Twitter that the cyber-attack had targeted Iranian electronic government systems. The minister …

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Where the money is really made at Amazon

Image copyright AWS Image caption Andy Jassy heads up Amazon’s most profitable division Andy Jassy may not be famous like his boss Jeff Bezos, but he runs Amazon Web Services (AWS), perhaps the most important part of the Amazon empire. AWS sells data storage and processing for companies that don’t …

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The secrets of 'food porn' viral videos

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Don’t ask how many calories a gargantuan burger like this contains I’ve just watched a fresh turkey being covered in fragments of cheese-flavoured crisps and then stuffed with what looks like three kilos of cheddar. The video has more than four million views on …

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The NHS robots performing major surgery

Image caption Three robotic arms replace the surgeon’s hands during an operation at the Golden Jubilee Hospital How would you feel about a robot performing major surgery on you? 2019 has seen a boom in the use of cutting edge robotic technology and there is more to come. Evidence suggests …

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YouTube bans 'malicious insults and veiled threats'

Image copyright Getty Images YouTube will no longer allow videos that “maliciously insult someone” based on “protected attributes” such as race, gender identity or sexuality. The video-sharing platform will also ban “implied threats of violence” as part of its new harassment policy. A row erupted in June after a prominent …

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Drill video naming murder victims banned by YouTube

Image copyright Zone 2 Image caption The video has caused shock online for naming people who have been murdered YouTube has taken down a video by a drill group which appears to name people they claim to have killed. Drill artists don’t normally name names in their music but in …

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