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Covid: US funeral directors reflect on 200,000 death toll

As the US Covid-19 death toll passes 200,000, owners and directors of funeral homes across the country reflect on how the loss of life has affected the families and communities that they serve. Read more: US coronavirus death toll passes 200,000 Covid: US funeral directors reflect on 200,000 death toll

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Brazil’s Amazon: Fireman ‘saving what’s not burnt’

Brazil’s Amazon is experiencing another year of forest fires. It’s not just the Amazon that’s gone up in flames – the world’s biggest wetlands, the Pantanal, home to rare species like the jaguar, has seen its worst fires in more than two decades. The fires are linked to growing deforestation …

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Mozambique: Why did these men shoot a naked woman dead?

A growing insurgency has been ravaging large areas of northern Mozambique. Both the Islamist insurgents, who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, and the Mozambican army have been accused of atrocities. In one of the latest videos from the region a group of armed men can be seen …

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Emmy Awards 2020: Schitt’s Creek wins nine awards at the Emmys

Schitt’s Creek and Watchmen were the big winners at this year’s Emmy Awards, which were held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards in front of an audience of cardboard cut-outs, while nominees attended from their homes. Winners were handed their awards by people wearing hazmat …

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Singapore rolls out Covid tracing tokens

Singapore is distributing thousands of devices that can track where a person has been and who they have interacted with. The small bluetooth device is meant for those who do not own smartphones and cannot use a contact tracing app that was previously rolled out by the Singapore government. While …

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