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Chromebook Sales Outpaced Laptops by 3X in US – Thurrott.com – Thurrott.com

Citing data from The NPD Group, Google today revealed that sales of Chromebooks in the U.S. grew by 127 percent year-over-year in the second quarter, compared to just 40 percent for Windows and Mac laptops.

“While people are spending more time at home than on the go, they’re relying increasingly on personal desktops and laptops to make everyday life easier,” Google head of Chrome OS developer relations Iein Valdez noted. “Whether they’re video-chatting with friends and family, discovering entertaining apps and games, multitasking at work, or pursuing a passion project, bigger screens and better performance have made all the difference.”

But here’s the interesting bit, at least in the U.S.: While sales of all PCs are up thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of Chromebooks, in particular, are through the roof. The NPD Group says that Chromebook sales surged 127 percent YOY between March and June while laptop sales overall were up just 40 percent.

The revelation was made as part of a developer-related post I’ll be writing about shortly. But those are some interesting numbers regardless.

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