Which one of the unbeaten elites inside the Top 10 of this week’s AP Poll will go down in Week 5?

Considering most are double-digit faves, it would take a sizable upset to happen — which is why we love college football.  We’re a fourth of the way through the regular season and haven’t yet seen an upset of epic proportions yet, one that would tilt the sport on its axis for a weekend.

You know it’s coming, but finding where to accurately project it is another mission entirely.

Let’s just say last week was extremely unkind to our wallets. After making you money (for entertainment purposes only) the first three weeks of the season, we crashed hard on Saturday, both dropping to under .500 against the spread. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and we hope Week 5 will be more gentle in the predictions department. Chris still holds a considerable edge over me straight up after picking up a game last week.

Remember this — these aren’t necessarily matchups we’d normally play at the window each week either, but these are 10 of the top games across college football this week and we’re giving out leans, regardless. Where we stand after Week 4: Brad Crawford — Straight up: 27-13; Against the spread: 19-21; Chris Hummer — Straight up: 32-8; ATS: 19-21.

Onto this week’s picks for Week 5’s biggest games …