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Colorado Springs man scammed while using iPad – KKTV 11 News

The Gazette — Scams come in all forms – over the phone, in the mail, through your email and even as pop-ups on your computer. But it’s not just your computer you have to watch for. Scams can also come through on your phone and tablet.

This week, I want to tell you about a Colorado Springs man who got a phony message while he was using his iPad. He is not the only one who received the alert.

“I was using the iPad and I went into the mail and all of a sudden I’ve got some kind of an alarm,” the victim said. “There was a pop-up sign that came up and said, ‘Warning there’s an issue with the iPad’ and it was about to shut down and I needed to call that 1-800 number at Apple to have this rectified.”

The victim wanted to fix the issue, so he called the number on the pop-up ad. “They said, ‘You have a problem with your iPad and we need to have your IOS number so we can look into your computer and find out exactly what the problem is,’ ” he said.

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