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Connecting Hardware to an iPad – New York Times

Q. Is it possible to use external devices with an iPad Pro, particularly for file storage?

A. The iPad Pro has a Lightning port for connecting a charger, syncing data over a USB cable or attaching peripherals. Any external devices (aside from headphones) must be compatible with that jack or wirelessly pair up with the iPad by Bluetooth.

Several companies make Lightning-tipped USB flash drives that also have a standard USB connector on the other end that plugs into a computer to transfer files. Leef, Omars, Picture Keeper and SanDisk are among the companies that make these types of drives, and prices generally start around $45.

(The iPad Pro can also store and download photos, videos, documents and other files on a cloud server or drive over a wireless-network connection. Apple’s own iCloud Drive is one example, but as with other services, you have to pay for more server space if your files exceed your free storage limit.)


The iPad can connect to online drives like iCloud Drive or Dropbox to share and store files wirelessly.

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File-storage options aside, Apple makes several adapters that connect the Lightning port on its iOS devices to other kinds of hardware, including digital cameras, USB microphones and video projectors. For example, the $39 Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter can import photos and videos to the iPad Pro from a digital camera connected with a USB cable; the adapter’s USB jack can be used to connect USB keyboards to the tablet. Belkin has a selection of Lightning-connector products, including the $60 Secure Wired Keyboard, and other companies make Lightning gear as well.

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