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Counter-Strike has characters now – PC Gamer

For 20 years, Counter-Strike players have worn generic character skins into their minutes-long matches. In-game terrorist factions like the “Phoenix Connexion” or “Elite Crew” have fought spec-ops groups like GSG-9 and the SAS. Through the immeasurable repetition of CS, these drab default outfits embedded themselves in the identity of the game. With Operation Shattered Web, that’s changing.

“For the first time in CS:GO, unlock all-new T and CT-sided characters equippable on any map,” writes Valve on a microsite announcing the update. “All-new CT Operators and T Agents are available as mission progress rewards. Complete missions and earn Stars to unlock them and equip them for deployment. Or equip the default Local Agent or Operator to use the pre-existing map-based characters.”

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