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Danville launches new mobile app – virginiafirst.com

DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR News) – The City of Danville launched a new free mobile app to give people easy access to what the city has to offer. 

The officials, “Danville, VA” app is available on the Apple iTunes app store and the Android Google Play store. 

The app is full of features allowing citizens to access city officials and services, report a variety of non-emergency issues, and keep abreast of the latest happenings through social media engagement. 

“Each year, the number of smartphone users is steadily climbing, and this app allows these users to reach us from where they are,” Inez Rodenburg, director of information technology, said Tuesday.

According to City leaders, the app provides handy access to hotline numbers for power outages and water or gas emergencies, as well as contact information for other urgent matters such as trees and debris blocking streets, blocked storm drains, and inoperative traffic signals.

It also provides tourist information, featuring quick links to museums, parks and trails, and other attractions.

Using the app, residents, and visitors can report damaged curb/sidewalks, dead animal pick-up, graffiti, potholes, street sign repairs, and unsafe/blighted buildings. Citizens can snap photos of the issue and send them directly to the City of Danville staff. The issues are tracked, with notifications sent as progress is made on the issue reported.

“Our residents and visitors will be our eyes on the street using their mobile devices to report issues in an interactive, easy-to-use manner,” Rodenburg said.

“While phone lines and other options for reporting issues remain open, this mobile tool makes it even easier, and it provides real-time feedback to citizens who submit reports.”



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