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Day 1 Of ‘Destiny 2’ Cross Save: Going From Console To PC At Last – Forbes

After a couple hours of understandable hiccups, I finally got my cross save connection to work, linking my Xbox, PS4, Steam and Blizzard accounts together to form a Voltron of Destiny 2, now able to play with one set of characters anywhere I want.

That would be my PS4 characters. I have had a weird, wobbly road when it comes to a “main” platform with Destiny. I started on PS4 in Destiny 1, then my friend was playing on Xbox, so I switched to that, leaving characters behind. But then for Destiny 2 I switched back to PS4 because I was sick of timed exclusivity crap, and remade all new characters. I also bought the PC version when it came out a few months later, and I have a solitary character there who I abandoned in the Curse of Osiris era, because I couldn’t bother to manage 4-6 Destiny 2 characters, as three was plenty.

So while this is not my first rodeo playing Destiny 2 on PC, I have not played there with any consistency for almost two years, nor have I ever played there using my actual characters with a thousand hours of loot and time invested into them.

How does it feel?

Great, and also weird.

The great part is…really great. Obviously the one thing everyone notices immediately is the absolutely silky smooth, drastically higher framerate, while Destiny is locked to 30 fps on consoles. It feels fantastic and is far and away the biggest advantage PC has over console, and switching back and forth between the two, PC almost ruins console in many ways, because while you may not have noticed the lower framerate before, you definitely will now if you play on PC.

The other advantages are nice as well. Hand cannons are practically an entirely new weapon class minus crazy console bloom, and they feel five times as good to fire on PC. Hip firing weapons is also actually useful in many situations, and I found myself doing it a lot with submachine guns, fusions and shotguns when I wouldn’t have before on console. Sniping is a new ballgame as well, as landing headshots is infinitely easier with mouse and keyboard.

Really, everything is easier with mouse and keyboard. I think Destiny 2 as a whole is simply an…easier game when you’re using this kind of control scheme as it dramatically increases your ability to be more accurate more often. There’s a reason that PC players are getting probably 19 of the top 20 raid finishes every race over console players. Yes, those players are talented, but certain things are just plain harder on console.

Are there any downsides to PC? I mean, sure. At least initially, before you get used to it all.

I have been experimenting with key remapping because the default controls are pretty awkward, bordering on unusable. I have had to put class ability, melee and crouch on my extra gaming mouse buttons because no keys have felt appropriately useful for any of them, but even doing that, stuff like Hunter dodge still feels weird. I also keep screwing up my weapon switching. Movement is way different. The mouse means you have like Traction x10 on at all times, which is absolutely something console players are not used to, myself included.

I miss my rumble feedback on my controller. I miss my giant 4K TV. I miss my couch. I know I can solve some of the control weirdness issues by using a controller on PC, which would allow me to keep the framerate gains but lose a lot of the mouse and keyboard benefits. I haven’t done that yet.

Look, in the end, I’m not switching to PC from PS4. I will use PC sometimes, when I’m traveling on my gaming laptop, when my wife has taken over the TV in my office, if I ever want to start streaming some Shadowkeep this fall, but other than that? I’m going to stick with PS4.

Switching to PC now feels like switching to a stick-shift car. Everyone who drives a stick-shift raves about it, and says that how once you learn it, it’s more fun and you get better performance out of your car and so on. And while those advantages are probably true, I…just don’t know if I want to bother switching out of my comfort zone full time.

I have been playing Destiny on console for five years now, in one form or another. I have loved it there, and I will continue to love it there, even if sure, I can see the gains of PC pretty clearly. But the truth is, I play 95% of shooters on console, and it’s just where I’m more comfortable. And until there’s cross play, it’s also where more of my friends are playing too.

I absolutely understand people who will permanently switch from console to PC now that cross save is here. The benefits are clear. And yet I’m just going to be using it more for flexibility, rather than changing how I play Destiny from top to bottom by moving to an entirely new platform.

I’ll never say never. Maybe that beautiful framerate will haunt my dreams and I’ll switch at some point. But remember, we’re only a year away from PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, and that’s going to come with some serious performance upgrades for all games, Destiny included, no doubt.

Anyway, I’ll be hopping around. Glad cross save is here, but ultimately, I am a creature of habit.

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