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Democratic debates: Key takeaways from round one

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Twenty leading Democrats competing for the right to take on President Trump in 2020 are squaring off again – over the course of two nights of debates. Here are the key takeaways so far from round one.

In the first debate, the two strongest candidates – in polls, at least – are the two that are farthest to the left, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Many of the other candidates on the stage are moderates – and they could very well be left out of the debate when the field is cut to 10 in September.

With that in mind, the moderates came out of the gate swinging at the two progressives in the centre of the stage.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock said Americans “can’t wait for revolution” – clearly a reference to Sanders’s revolutionary rhetoric – saying that their problems are “here and now”.

Not to be outdone, former Maryland Congressman John Delaney called out Sanders and Warren by name, accusing them of making “impossible promises” that will turn off voters.

Even the mild-mannered former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper got in on the action, noting that the 40 Democrats who won seats in the House of Representatives didn’t share the views of Warren and Sanders.

While much has been made of possible friction between Sanders and Warren, who are both competing for progressive votes, on Tuesday night they face a common threat the centre of their party.

This story will be updated throughout the debate.

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Democratic debates: Key takeaways from round one

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