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'Drug dealer' accused of stabbing PC in park was 'like a caged animal' – Metro.co.uk

Police at Stamshaw Park, Portsmouth, after the stabbing (Picture: Solent News)

A suspected drug dealer was ‘like a caged animal fighting for his life’ when he stabbed a police officer near a children’s play park, a court has heard.

Constable Clare Parry broke down in tears as she told a jury how her colleague PC Russell Turner grappled with suspected drug dealer Michael Enzanga who was ‘determined to get away’.

PC Turner, 56, suffered a collapsed lung from the repeated stab wounds inflicted in Stamshaw Park, Portsmouth.

In a taped police interview played to the court, PC Parry said: ‘When he pulled out the knife, I did not know what it was first of all.

‘It was silver. It is almost like he has unsheathed it.

‘It’s a knife and I’m shouting “Put the knife down”. Russ could not see it from where he was.’

She said she did not know PC Turner had been stabbed until he was laying on his side on the floor.

PC Parry added: ‘We were only fighting with him for a few minutes but it seemed to last an eternity because we could not control him. It was so quick.’

Both officers were in plain clothes and identified themselves as police as they approached the suspect on February 21.

Enzanga tried to run away and a struggle broke out between the two officers and the accused, the court heard.

The jury at Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Enzanga was ‘like a caged animal’ (Picture: PA)

PC Parry said the accused carried out punching motion ‘several times’ and said her colleague was stabbed ‘at least twice’ from what she saw.

She described Enzanga as ‘like a caged animal fighting for his life’.

PC Parry added: ‘It was a full-on fight. Every time he kept on tensing his arms and pulling himself back up.’

He was ‘writing and kicking out’ before getting back to his feet with his jacket off and fleeing, PC Parry told the jury.

Enzanga, 20, of Tottenham, north London, has pleaded not guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of a knife.

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He also denies four charges of possessing crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply and a charge of possessing criminal property, namely a stash of money.

Enzanga fled in the direction of a block of flats called Hastings House and was seen on CCTV and allegedly spotted climbing garden walls as he made his getaway, the jury heard.

The court was told he continued to flee despite police firing a taser and was eventually arrested after being found hiding under a tarpaulin in a back garden.

Ms Bonsor said: ‘I did not know who the two men were. I did not know it was a knife until I could see a man laying on the floor. I just saw a man swinging it.’

Defence lawyer Roy Headlam noted that she had told the police the suspect reminded her of singer Coolio in the video Gangsta’s Paradise.

The trial continues.

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