Part of what makes college football special is the potential for weekly upsets during the regular season schedule. In addition, one defeat could compromise a top team’s opportunity to appear in the College Football Playoff.

That means every game, even against opponents who are inferior on paper, is important. The Ohio State Buckeyes are perhaps the best example of that fact in recent memory. In each of the past two seasons, the Buckeyes, ranked as a top-three team, were blown out on the road by unranked opponents. The Iowa Hawkeyes were the culprit during the 2017 season, while the Purdue Boilermakers took down Ohio State last season. Both of those defeats ultimately doomed Ohio State’s chances to qualify for the playoff.

It’s a safe bet that a similar fate will meet some of the national title contenders for the upcoming season. It is only a matter of when, and for some teams there are many potential land mines on the schedule.

ESPN picked the games to beware for its preseason top 25 teams ahead of the 2019 season.

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