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Every PC game at E3 2019 – PC Gamer

Keeping up with all the games that get announced, teased, or demoed at E3 is almost as hard as keeping up with Steam’s new releases tab… almost. We’ve put together a big ol’ list of everything we’ve seen that’s definitely or maybe coming to PC.

We’ll be updating this list with more games from every E3 conference, including the 5th annual PC Gaming Show. That includes a trailer (if one exists), PC outlook, and the basic details. 

And we’ll continue updating this list all week, and adding details and commentary as we go. There are already a ton of games announced, so for now, here are just the basic details of each:

Elden Ring

Developer: From Software
Coming to PC? Most likely
When’s it out? Sooner than George R.R. Martin’s next book

The rumored collaboration between Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin and From Software is real, and it’s From’s “biggest title yet, in terms of sheer volume,” according to Hidetaka Miyazaki. This is just a CG trailer, probably the game’s intro if Dark Souls is anything to go by, so we can’t say much about the game itself. But as usual, it’s evocative as hell.

Cyberpunk 2077

Developer: CD Projekt
Coming to PC? Yup
Release date:  April 16, 2020 

One of the best-looking RPGs from one of the best teams in the business, and E3 gave us a brand new look at Night City. Not just that: Keanu Reeves. Amazing.

We expect to see gameplay further in to E3, but for now, the cinematic trailer from the Microsoft conference is above.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? 2020

One of the biggest surprises of Microsoft’s conference was the return of Flight Simulator, with some seriously detailed graphics. No messing around with this one, and while it’s way too early to say if it’ll live up to the complexity of the older games, it at least looks like serious business.

Watch Dogs Legion

Developer: Ubisoft
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? Probably this holiday

OK, you could fill a warehouse with jokes about Ubisoft and politics, but they’re making it too easy. Legion is set in a post-Brexit London, and apparently we’ll be playing as… well, almost every single NPC in the city. We will definitely find out more this week.

The Outer Worlds

Developer: Obsidian
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? October 25, 2019

We got a release date and a new trailer for Obsidian’s new sci-fi RPG, from the creators of Fallout and Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines. Read more about The Outer Worlds at the link.

Bleeding Edge

Developer: Ninja Theory
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? October 25, 2019 

A colorful PvP melee combat game that reminds us of the ill-fated Anarcy Reigns, made by Platinum Games. This one’s putting Ninja Theory’s DmC chops to work, and looks like a natural evolution of the modern hero shooter, a la Overwatch, into an adjacent genre.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Developer: Sega
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? Spring 2020

First released in Japan in 2012(!!), Phantasy Star Online 2 has been pined for in the West for many years. But for some reason, Sega never released it here, and it apparently took a little prodding and a deal from Microsoft to make it happen. It’ll be launching F2P on the Xbox One and PC in North America next year. No details on Europe yet, but hopefully that’s part of the plan.

Halo Infinite

Developer: 343 Industries
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? Holiday 2020

After a vague teaser last year, we finally got our first look at Master Chief’s sixth core adventure, along with the new engine that 343 is using to build it all. It’s still a long way off, debuting with the next Xbox console in late 2020, but it’ll also be coming to PC at launch. Microsoft is talking about this as somewhat of a “spiritual” reboot, so while it’s still set after the events of Halo 5 and stars Master Chief, it’s not a direct continuation of that story and signifies a pretty significant rethinking of what makes Halo Halo.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Developer: Square Enix
Coming to PC? We. Really. Hope. Please.
When’s it out? March 3, 2020 (PS4)

We don’t have confirmation it’s coming to PC, but we’re nothing if not hopeful fools. Considering Final Fantasy 15 took like a year-and-a-half to hit PC, we wouldn’t put it past Square to do the same thing here. At a concert, it said that the game will “debut first” on PS4. That sounds carefully worded to suggest that it’ll end up somewhere else.


Developer: Arkane
Coming to PC? Assume so
When’s it out? TBA 

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Developer: Tango Gameworks
Coming to PC? Assume so
When’s it out? TBA

A new game from Shinji Mikami, famous for Resident Evil, RE4, Vanquish, and most recently The Evil Within. People across Tokyo are vanishing, and some scary forces of the occult are showing up at the same time. Those two things are probably connected, y’think? Also, your character’s gonna have a bow.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Developer: Moon Studios
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? February 11, 2020

The sequel to the gorgeous 2015 platformer has a release date, though it’s still a ways away in early 2020. Fun facts: the developer of the great Metroid fan remake AM2R joined the Ori dev team, and it’s being written by Alexander O. Smith, best known for localizing Square Enix games like Final Fantasy 12, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

Minecraft Dungeons

Developer: Mojang
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? Spring 2020

Minecraft is such a powerhouse, Microsoft is releasing this new game on PC as well as the PS4 and Nintendo Switch! It’s an actiony isometric dungeon crawler RPG, with voxels.

Blair Witch Project

Developer: Bloober Team
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? August 30

Baldur’s Gate 3

Developer: Larian
When’s it out? TBD

Larian is seemingly taking a break from the Divinity: Original Sin series (amazing RPGs in their own right) to return us to the titular city of Baldur’s Gate, and they’re coming to the PC Gaming Show to talk about it. 

Baldur’s Gate 2 is old enough to vote by now, and the Drizzt fanboy in me loves seeing that mind flayers (or illithids) will play a big role in this long-awaited sequel. Check out how it’s going to combine D&D and Larian’s own brand of RPG design in our big interview.


Developer: Dlala Studios
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? TBD

Three player co-op, cartoony 2D character animation, and hoverbike levels. Yep, this is Battletoads in 2019.

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition

Developer: Forgotten Empires, Tantalus, and Wicked Witch
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? Fall 2019, beta sooner

A nice surprise from the Microsoft showcase was how soon this is coming. After not hearing about the remake for ages (get it?) we know there will be a playable beta by this fall.

Psychonauts 2

Developer: Double Fine
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? TBD

Microsoft bought Double Fine! That’s crazy. But it’s still coming to all the same platforms, including PC. No release date yet, but development’s clearly moving along.


Developer: Thunderlotus
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? 2020

An oddly inviting management game where you ferry the deceased in your customisable boat, exploring the ocean and looking after your guests before they reach their final destination.

Wasteland 3

Developer: InXile
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? TBD

Wasteland 2 was an early Kickstarter success, promising to bring back the game that inspired the original Fallout. Before being bought by Microsoft, InXile crowdfunded this third game in the series, abandoning the desert for the snows of Colorado. There are spider tanks and clowns carving people up in meat grinders, so it seems like the post-apocalypse is still gonna be pretty colorful.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Developer: TT Games
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? 2020 

All nine of the main Star Wars films have been squashed into one Lego game.

Dying Light 2

Developer: Techland
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? Spring 2020

Kick zombies out of windows as Videogame Protagonist Aiden. The world’s been torn apart with the zombie virus, as you’d expect, and ol’ Aiden here is an unfortunate victim of this plague. Luckily it hasn’t dulled his parkour and zombie-murder skills, of which he has many.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Developer: CyberConnect2
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? Early 2020 

Another in a long, long line of Dragon Ball Z games telling Goku’s story, but this one’s got a pretty nice lookin’ presentation. It was previously known as Project Z, and now has a release window of early 2020. The trailer says action-RPG, but we don’t know how it’ll compare to other DBZ games until we see some real gameplay.

CrossFire X

Developer: Smilegate, Remedy
Coming to PC? Pretty sure
When’s it out? 2020 

The free-to-play Korean tactical shooter is getting an Xbox and possibly PC release with a singleplayer campaign from Remedy. We’ve only seen the cinematic trailer so far, but apparently it’s basically Korean Counter-Strike.

Way To The Woods

Developer: Anthony Tan
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? 2020

Play as some lovely deer trying to find their way home as they follow a railway and wander around little slices of civilisation. It looks like a serene, slightly surreal exploration game with some light puzzles. 

Marvel’s Avengers

Developer: Crystal Dynamics (with assistance from Eidos Montreal)
Coming to PC? Probably
When’s it out? 2020 maybe?

We’ll finally get our first glimpse of Square Enix’s take on the Marvel universe at the Square Enix press conference this week.

Darksiders Genesis

Developer: Airship Syndicate
Coming to PC? We’d bet so
When’s it out? TBD

Darksiders Genesis brings not just a new horseman of the apocalypse (specifically Strife, looking very Strider-ish), but a totally new genre for the series. Instead of third-person combat, we’re getting Diablo-style top-down action, and it looks like you might be able to bring a friend along in co-op if the trailer shows us anything.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Developer: MachineGames
Coming to PC?
You bet
When’s it out? July 26, 2019

It’s the 80s, it’s in Nazi-occupied France, and good ol’ BJ Blazkowicz is taking a breather while he lets his twin daughters wreck the Fourth Reich. Two daughters means co-op shooting, and we got a new trailer at the Bethesda conference. It’s out soon!

Jedi: Fallen Order

Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Coming to PC: Yep
When’s it out: November 15, 2019

It’s been a challenging time for Star Wars games, but Respawn’s tale of a Jedi on the run from the Empire’s Inquisitors looks decent thus far, bland hero aside. We got a gameplay trailer at EA Play on Saturday (above), as well as another trailer at the Microsoft briefing.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Developer: Infinity Ward
Coming to PC? Of course
When’s it out? October 25, 2019

I’m not sure how much war itself has changed since the original Modern Warfare in 2007, but this reboot of the franchise promises an even grittier take on it all. We got a trailer (above) before the show, and may see something else during E3.

Gears 5

Developer: The Coalition
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? September 10, 2019

We got a much more extensive look at Gears’ fifth core installment, plus the release date. Also, it’ll be on Xbox Game Pass, and will release a few days early for subscribers. The trailer above shows off a new co-op mode called Escape, which will also include some kind of player creation angle, where you can create gauntlets for your friends/other players to run.

Rebellion’s Next Game

Developer: Rebellion
Coming to PC? Probably
When’s it out? We’re not sure

Rebellion, creator of the Sniper Elite series, is bringing a new game to the PC Gaming Show. And that’s all we can say for now!

Roller Champions

Developer:  Ubisoft
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? TBD

It’s like Rocket League and Roller Derby mixed into one. What more could you want? Looks like there’s a strong online focus too with a variety of match types. News of the game leaked before E3, so we expect to see it at Ubisoft’s conference.

Sniper Elite VR

Developer: Rebellion
Coming to PC: Yes
When’s it out? Not sure.

It’s the Nazi testicle-tearing good time you remember, but in VR. We figure Rebellion may bring it along this year.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Developer: Ubisoft Paris
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? October 4, 2019

Ubisoft gave us our first big look at Breakpoint about a month ago, but showed off more during the Stadia event before E3. Lots of Jon Bernthal doing that tough guy voice. We expect more at the Ubisoft conference.

Skull & Bones

Developer: Ubisoft Singapore
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? Not at least until April 2020, if not later.

Skull & Bones has had a heck of a time with delays, which makes us wonder what’s up. We saw about 20 minutes of gameplay last year and it looked perfectly fine at the time. In any case, Ubisoft might give us another look this year.


Developer: EA Sports
Coming to PC? Of course
When’s it out? September 27, 2019

Of course EA made time to talk about FIFA 20 at EA Play. It looks to be focused on micro skill, and will include a FIFA Street-style mode called Volta.

Evil Genius 2

Developer: Rebellion
Coming to PC? Probably
When’s it out? Probably early 2020

Announced all the way back in 2017, the Evil Genius sequel is getting a new trailer, which will debut at the PC Gaming Show. 


Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? 2019

We got our first look at the “ShaRk-PG” (I will never tire of that word) at last year’s PC Gaming Show, and Tripwire is coming back this year to show more about how we’ll grow from baby shark (doo doo doo) to Jaws. 

Planet Zoo

Developer: Frontier
Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? TBD

Frontier is moving from the islands full of dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution to something a little less bitey. They’ll be at the PC Gaming Show with in-game footage.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Developer: Cyanide
Coming to PC? Probably
When’s it out? We’re still real early, so no clue

If a sequel to Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines isn’t enough for you, here’s the other side of the World of Darkness. You’re playing as an exiled werewolf returning to help his struggling clan, and you’ll be managing your own rage as you go along. We know it’ll be at E3 in some capacity.


Developer: Survios
Coming to PC? It’s VR, so yep
When’s it out? 2019

While Skull & Bones remains on the distant horizon, this VR pirate ship sim is here to plunder fans away from it. It’s the team behind Raw Data and that Creed boxing game, so there’s some good pedigree here.

Bee Simulator

Developer: Varsav Game Studio
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? “End of 2019”

They’ll make a simulator game out of anything these days, but credit where it’s due, Bee Simulator looks like a pretty big experience. You’ll help your hive grow by doing bee things, like collecting pollen, pestering couples in a park, and getting into deadly battles with wasps. We’re not sure we’ll see it, but a new trailer wouldn’t surprise us.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory

Developer: Black Shamrock, Cyanide
Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out? 2019

This CRPG puts you in the shoes of some nosy do-gooders who don’t like infiltrators messing with the computer that runs humanity’s last refuge. We might see a new trailer.

Devolver Bootleg

Developer doinksoft

Coming to PC? Yes

When’s it out? Now!

A collection of “original rip-offs” of other Devolver Digital games based on Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon and others. The collection will net you Enter the Gun Dungeons, Hotline Milwaukee, Ape Out Jr., Shooty Boots, Super Absolver: Turbo Fighting Championship, Catsylvania, PikuBiku Ball Stars and Luftrousers. It’s available now on Steam.

Fall Guys

Developer Mediatonic

Coming to PC? Yes

When’s it out? 2020

A madcap race between 100 wobbly little homunculi, full of obstacles trying to knock them out of the dash to the finish line. If you’re not the sporting type, you can also shove your fellow Jelly Babies into traps. 


Developer Phobia Game Studio

Coming to PC? Yes

When’s it out? June 1, 2020

A gory reverse horror game where you play a bizarre, amorphous creature hunting and killing humans who imprisoned you for study. Use horrible tendrils to move around, snatching fleshy humans and devouring them. As you cause carnage throughout the facility, you’ll get bigger and learn new abilities, making you even more of a menace.  

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead

Developer Griffin Aerotech

Coming to PC? Apparently it’s only coming to arcades

When’s it out? 2020

House of the Gundead is a co-op light gun shooter set in the Enter the Gungeon universe designed specifically for arcades. If you want to play, you’ll need to find an arcade that has the cabinet or shell out $5,000 for your own.

My Friend Pedro

Developer DeadToast Entertainment

Coming to PC? Absolutely

When’s it out? June 20, 2019

We liked what we saw of this at previous conferences. It’s a slapstick gun-fu action game with heaps of style and score attack mechanics.

The Messenger: Picnic Panic

Developer Sabotage

Coming to PC? Yes

When’s it out? July 11

A free expansion for the retro platformer was revealed at the Devolver conference, out in July. It looks like a more summer, beach-themed adventure than the original. Expect more dimension hopping and a killer soundtrack.

Tales of Arise

Developer Bandai Namco Studios

Coming to PC? Probably

When’s it out? 2020

The trailer suggests the next Tales game is taking quite a visual leap up on the already-pretty Tales of Berseria. We don’t know much about Arise yet but the Tales games are always colourful and epic.

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