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Excellent games for two players on iPhone, iPad and Android – The Media Hq

Excellent games for two players on iPhone, iPad and Android


From Michael Coffer

January 11, 2020

Some of the greatest things in life are better shared. Two-player games offer the most direct opportunities for mutual competition or connection. No foggy eyes, just a fact. One mind investigates the ingenuity and exuuity of another through games.


You may like to play personally on the same screen, or even on different devices via local multiplayer, or instead online with asynchronous multiplayer. A test of reflexes or planning? The games below have the range, with enough variation for all kinds of people and situations. Try them next time with a fellow gamer. You will not be disappointed.

What are the best apps for two players for iOS and Android?

  • Santorini
  • Fort Sumter
  • Tides of time
  • Morels
  • uniwar
  • Words with Friends 2
  • Burgle Bros
  • Onitama
  • Neuroshima Hex
  • Glow Hockey 2
  • Ready Steady Bang
  • Patchwork


Developer: Roxley
platforms: iOS and Android
Price: $ 4.99

The problem with many ‘dedicated’ two-player games is that the game can sometimes entertain you for so long – playing with the same person constantly means that you eventually get to know their ways and instead of tense, drawn-out things, it can be easy to see who wins fairly quickly; y. Santorini, an excellent port of a board game of the same name, eliminates most of these problems by not only offering a tactically attractive basic game (where you don’t know who won until they won), but also near play infinitely again in the form of forces.

Your goal in the game is to build a tower to the third level and then place one of your two pawns on that tower, but your opponent does the same. Each pawn must move and build every turn, and three-story towers can be capped by an opponent, thereby denying you your winning move. It becomes a complicated dance and a competition of tactical skill as you try to maneuver yourself and your opponent exactly where you want them. The addition of special game-changing skills only serves to make things more intense – it is unlikely that you will soon get tired of this.

Fort Sumter

Developer: Playdek
platforms: iOS and Android
Price: $ 6.99

Playdek’s Fort Sumter: Secession Crisis tackles the introductory movements to the American Civil War in a quick hand of 15-minute cards between two players. Your job is to position yourself for the most political influence possible in preparing for the inevitable outbreak of war. But Fort Sumter manages all of this in an elegant little game that takes the card-based intrigue of Twilight Struggle and streamlines them, and the result is a two-player experience that is easy to learn and allows a lot of nuance in every game.


Developer: Mossbark Games
platforms: iOS Universal, Android
Price: $ 4.99

The physical version of Morels (also known as Fungi) was a very casual and fun card game for two people. The only drawback was that it took up a lot of space, but thanks to the excellent digital adaptation of Mossbark, that is no longer a problem. Like Pass & Play and even online multiplayer modes, all the best features of Morels have survived the mobile port.

Especially good for couples, Morels is very relaxed, but also fast and easy to play. You don’t have to remember anything too complex and it is an excellent waste of time if you are traveling together or just looking for quick and easy after-dinner entertainment.


Developer: Spooky House Studios
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free with non-invasive IAP

Uniwar is an ambitious turn-based strategy game that proudly carries its influences on its sleeve. It has the conquest-the-card excitement of Advance Wars as well as the creative asymmetry of different player races: the fleshy Terrans, chitinous Insectoids and metallic … Robots. The capacities and interactions between these units are quite lively and varied and run the line between “interesting” and “unbalanced.” Playing hotseat is very simple, there are quite a few cards on offer and there is also online play.

Words with Friends 2

Developer: Zygna
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free

Words with Friends has been around for nearly as long as smartphones themselves, and it’s still a golden way to spend most of a day or more. Yes, it’s just like that other classic board game, and there’s a wonderful subtext of who-spells-what-when. (Words score points but also … score points, make associations, share, even a kind of conversation). It simply works on multiple levels, from a purely gameplay perspective, but also in terms of social payout and connection. Oh, and when it comes to gameplay, it’s worth noting that advanced play means so much more than just the most impressive single word score in a given turn. It also means thinking about positioning, letter draws and pacing, bonuses: actually long-con strategic things. Words with Friends is an oldie but a goodie, and a surprisingly useful way to keep in touch with friends.

Burgle bros.

Developer: Fowers Games Inc.
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 4.99

Co-op games are great, but even the big ones are usually the best, purely solo or with the maximum number of players. Burgle Bros, however, is unique because it mainly shines with two. With two, the joint is enveloped twice as fast, but hiding is much more difficult. To quickly play the game again for the unknown: players explore the tiles of each floor until they discover the vault, crack the combination, retrieve and proceed to the next level.

Patrolling guards and alarms will make it difficult and if a player has no stealth points, he runs the risk of being caught and sent to the slammer. Some more advanced tactics and interactions of the game really come into their own with a dynamic duo. Yes, combining gadgets and treasures with character skills, but the real clincher is the path and warning system. Guards can be diverted by triggering alarms, so that the best teams claim heat for each other. Stealth for two players does not get much better than this.


Developer: Asmodee Digital
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free (with extensions, content packages as optional DLC)

Onitama is a game that is mainly about not losing. Sounds like weak, roundabout praise, I know, but what this means in practice is thinking many steps ahead, reasoning recursively to go from point B to point A, something surprisingly difficult. Woah there, let’s go back a bit and actually talk about the game. Onitama is an abstract two-player game that is played on a two-dimensional square grid, just like chess. Players win by conquering the ‘King’ piece of their opponent or by moving their own King to the starting room of the other player. The twist is how movement patterns work, because they are dictated by cards that can be used once and then eventually become playable for the opponent. There are only five cards with movement patterns (from a larger set) in a specific game, and this greater flow between good positioning and good hand cards makes the game quite intense. The app is free and just as polished as all releases from Asmodee.

Neuroshima Hex

Developer: Portal Games
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 4.99, 2.99

It has asymmetrical factions that attempt to control the board by selecting two or three tiles (six-sided hexes, that is) each turn. The post-apocalyptic setting and the enormously diverse playing styles of the groups make it an unusually colorful strategy game, but this flowering of variety does not detract from the balance of the game. The basic game contains only four races, but that alone is enough to start with and the rest is available as a paid DLC. Tile laying crazy fun.

Glow Hockey 2

Developer: Natenai Ariyatra cabbage
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 0.99, free.

Arcade or action style games for two players are the model of fun with beer and pretzel. Crystal clear consequences, nothing to think about or analyze, only quick wrists instead of quick wits. Pure impetus and reaction ensure reliable fun, and Glow Hockey is a fairly digital victim for Air Hockey, minus the constant click of the pucks. The physics is satisfactory, the controls respond. It works well in a modest and way that is impossible to hype, but it is still fully worth recognizing.

Ready Steady Bang

Developer: Cowboy games
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 0.99, free.

A western showdown at sunset. Quick draw, one shot, one kill. Ready, Steady, Bang is this experience, again and again, with variable countdown timing and a variety of death animations. Technically, there is also a short ‘campaign mode’ versus AI with iron timing thresholds, but the meat of the game can be reduced to a perfectly timed gesture. Kill easily, quickly and satisfactorily. Don’t be the other guy.


Developer: DIGIDICED
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 2.99

Patchwork may be small in size compared to some of its juggernaut neighbors on this list, but what it lacks in number of players or time spent on it makes it charming and crystal clear, razor-sharp strategy. (The two provide quite a few) Patchwork is a perfect information summary with variable settings for two players. Players work on filling their empty plates by adding patches of different polyomino dimensions, with the ultimate goal of filling the entire swath and collecting as many greedy buttons as possible along the way. It is almost immediately intuitive, yet confusing and refined, even after dozens of times of play, chained in turns, or miles away. A fun game that can also be a hardcore game of wits.

Other recommendations for mobile games for two players

What are your favorite games to play between two people? Let us know in the comments!


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