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FCC Updates Wireless Broadband Speed Test – Multichannel News

The Federal Communications Commission has released an updated version of its FCC Speed Test app, characterizing the expanded capabilities to measure wireless capability as a demonstration of its “commitment to ensure consumers have the tools and resources to evaluate how well their mobile broadband connections are performing.”

The iOS version, available from the Apple App Store, and the Android version, from Google Play, allow users to test their cellular and WiFi network performance. Like earlier versions, which have been available for at least six years, the new apps measure download and upload speeds, latency, jitter, and packet loss.

“This new and improved app is an important tool that will empower consumers to collect information about the services they are receiving,” said Dr. Monisha Ghosh, FCC Chief Technology Officer. “These improvements will build on the success of this effort over the years and help the FCC bridge the digital divide.”

The app collects no personal or uniquely identifiable information, which the FCC says demonstrates its “commitment to maintaining user privacy,”

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