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Focus at Four: How to protect yourself from cyber-security breaches – KBTX

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) – In the wake of the news that third-party apps have access to the email and information of Gmail users, the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center director sat down to explain how to protect ourselves.

Daniel Ragsdale said that the news about Gmail’s security breach isn’t all bad. It’s a positive move that the public is becoming more attuned and upset with cybersecurity issues.

“We’re noticing it more, and it’s making these companies work harder to keep our information safe,” said Ragsdale.

However, speaking out against breaches like this aren’t the only way to help. Ragsdale said that you also need to protect yourself by remaining informed.

“We’ve been trained to simply click ‘Accept’ on terms and conditions online,” said Ragsdale. “Don’t. Know what you’re agreeing to, and if you’re not comfortable with it, consider if you really even need that app or program.”

For the full conversation from First News at Four, see the video player above. For more information on the Gmail security breach, see the Related Links.

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