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Free merchandise might indicate hacked account – kentonbee

The Better Business Bureau is warning individuals of a scam that seems, and is, too good to be true. Victims of this scam will receive orders from Amazon which they did not place with no return address on their doorstep, including items ranging from hand warmers to humidifiers.

“After ordering items in your name, these companies – usually overseas, third-party sellers – use your Amazon information to post a glowing review of their merchandise. These fake, positive reviews improve their products’ ratings, which means more sales,” said information from the BBB.

While this practice is unscrupulous, it can also be a warning sign for a bigger issue. The ability for a scammer to send these packages means they likely also have the victim’s Amazon account information, acquired by hacking it directly or purchasing the information from other hackers. To avoid this scam or recover after its occurrence, individuals should notify Amazon by going straight to Amazon’s website and finding contact information there and additionally report any fake review that might have been posted. Then victims should change their account passwords.

The bright side of the scam is that victims are allowed to keep unordered merchandise, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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