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G/On: Prolong PC life with a remote application access solution – ITWeb

Most companies replace desktops and laptops when they can no longer run the latest OS. But what if you could extend their lifecycle? In this article, we introduce G/On: our vision on remote access control wrapped in a device-agnostic operating system. Sean Glansbeek, CEO of Private Protocol, explains how it helps companies increase their security level while cutting costs.

Suited for old and new machines

“In these tough times, where every person is connected to the Internet, corporates look for solutions to securely offer remote application access to both staff and external unmanaged users,” says Glansbeek.

“At the same time, they also look for ways to cut costs on the replacements of their PCs and notebooks.”

Both requirements don’t seem very compatible at first sight, but they can be. G/On from Soliton is a low cost, locked-down operating system that enables users to boot a PC directly from a secure USB stick, providing users with secure remote access to their corporate applications. It works with both old and new machines and can significantly extend the lifespan of desktops and laptops that otherwise would’ve been replaced with new ones.


Each year, organisations spend thousands of rands on the replacement of laptops and desktops because the processor or hard disk is no longer suitable for running the latest OS. There are also high costs associated with supporting and maintaining large varieties of IT systems, operating systems and software versions. Soliton G/On can change this. The solution doesn’t need or utilise a local hard disk, which can even be removed from older machines. With the locked-down OS providing the core functionality to connect to a network and establish a secure connection to a G/On virtual gateway, it’s G/On that authenticates the user and provides access to an IT controlled set of applications. The solution has been designed to take over the entire security of the device, meaning you can maintain the same security level for all devices that require access to your systems.

Soliton G/On in bullets

* Works with Windows or Mac, including older machines
* Runs over low bandwidth connections
* Supports Citrix, Remote Desktop Services and Web applications
* Prevents any storage of business data on the USB stick or local hard disk
* Doesn’t require additional components such as VPN
* Simplifies Citrix access without a requirement for NetScaler

“Corporates that implement G/On offer a more secure remote access environment than they could when using VPN. Secondly, they also cut costs on PC replacements,” summarises Glansbeek. “It’s the ultimate combination of security and cost-efficiency.”

Want to know what G/On could do for you?

Go to https://insights.solitonsystems.com/sign-up-g-on and test it yourself!

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