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Pampered Chef’s Waffle Puff Pan

We were intrigued by Pampered Chef’s Waffle Puff Pan. Our first question: What’s a Waffle Puff?

Basically, it’s a large round waffle. But instead of alternating square nooks and crannies to catch all that melted butter and syrup, these waffles are interconnected balls of waffle.

In other words, more cake and less crust.

Our next question: How does it work?

The easy-to-use two-piece 9-inch square pan is used directly over a burner and produces 8-inch round waffles that cook in four to eight minutes. The pan can be used on gas and most standard electric burners and cook tops. It cannot be used on induction cook tops. It features a ceramic nonstick coating and requires only a light misting or brushing with plain vegetable oil. Nonstick sprays such as Pam should not be used.

The pan includes a nylon fork for removing the waffles, but we found it easier to simply unhinge the pan and invert the waffle onto a plate.

Our final question: Do we really need this pan?

Maybe. We eat a lot of waffles — traditional, yeasted, cornbread, savory — and this pan gives us a new option for shape and texture.

For more information, visit pamperedchef.com

Hand wash only.


Food on 03/27/2019

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