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Gamers go to a specific website when Fortnite or YouTube are offline – Dexerto.com

What do gamers and YouTubers do when their favorite activities are closed down due to server issues? The answer is not very surprising.

Fortnite fans around the world were left disappointed in April when the game’s servers were down for almost a full day. 

But Epic’s loss was a gain for one website in particular, PornHub. According to Wired, traffic among gamers spiked by 10% when Fortnite’s servers went offline.

So if gamers turn to PornHub when their favorite game is not working, where do YouTubers turn when YouTube is not working? Well, the answer is PornHub again.

Traffic to PornHub skyrocketed by over 20% when YouTube went down in October. According to the adult website, popular search terms during the YouTube outage were related to content typically seen on YouTube.

Gaming terms such as Overwatch, Fortnite, Minecraft and Pokemon saw their search frequency increase, while the term “ASMR” also saw a huge increase.

The actual word “YouTube” is also searched on PornHub during outages and we are not even sure what the goal is there.

PornHub search terms during YouTube outages, via Wired

Some gamers and YouTubers also turn to the news when their preferred online entertainment is unavailable, with news websites seeing a 20% increase in traffic during YouTube outages. However, not all of that traffic is looking to keep up on current events, half of those new users are looking up why YouTube is down.

News sites benefit when YouTube is out. via Wired

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