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GetReminded is just another data-harvesting app | Gadget Guy Australia – GadgetGuy

GetReminded is an app that you record significant dates in – when to pay bills, birthdays – anything.

The problem with GetReminded and similar apps is

a) they are nothing more than data-harvesters to get your intimate details and monetise you and
b) Google, Apple or Microsoft calendars do the same thing and do not sell your data.



We received a press release from In The Media – an Australian PR company paid to promote GetReminded. The dopey ‘Publicist’ sent the release to hundreds of media outlets. But he used CC: – not blind CC, so we all knew who got the release.

It was one of those folksy ‘Australian’s invent world-changing app’ so please cover it. And it piqued my interest as I like to promote anything Australian.

Naturally, I went straight past the website PR bullshit about how much money it saves to the Privacy Policy. Yep, it was a data-harvesting app that allows GetReminded to shop your billing details to the highest bidder. Enter your electricity bill and receive a tsunami of offers to switch. So I advised In The Media of this (using the full CC: media email list).

Have data – will manipulate. it is not about money saving.

Well didn’t that start a tsunami of support? “If it walks like a duck… You made my day with that one… and the strong was to call GetRemidned out.

So here is what I found from publicly available information. The Catch 22s (A catch22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules or limitations) are mine (with apologies to Joseph Heller).

GetReminded PTY LTD (Est July 2017). The app release in May 2019.

Its terms of service state

GetReminded is a free mobile app and web service that sends automated reminders about an expiring contract, policy, service or event based on a date nominated by the User.

Catch 22: Reminder notifications and emails will include one or more relevant third party advertisements.

Users must first create an Account by using a Facebook or Google profile or by registering with their name and email.

Catch 23: By creating an account, you consent to receive ‘regular reminders”. There is no limit to how many reminders. Elsewhere it states, ‘Users receive a series of emails containing a reminder of a nominated expiry date for a particular contract, policy, service or event. The emails will be sent at various intervals to alert Users about the expiry date and include advertising content related to the contract, policy, service or event.’

GetReminded has a ‘No Spam Guarantee’. You will only receive reminder notifications at numerous intervals before and after the nominated expiry date.

Catch 24: Yes, we call that a spam tsunami that you cannot avoid. If you useremove your account an use Google, Apple or Microsoft calendars. By then, the damage is well and truly done.

Reminder detail screens in the mobile app and in emails sent to your email address may include third-party advertisements that are relevant to the category and type of the nominated reminder. For example, a reminder about a mobile phone contract expiry may include advertising from one or more mobile phone companies.

Catch 25: Well, at least you should not get snail mail, door to door salespeople or phone calls. Or will you? After all, it’s a lead generation service – not a free tool to help you.

We shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance, or for any termination or cancellation of any agreement relating to your use of the Platform and the provision of our Services due to any act of God, war, technical malfunction of servers, computers, third-party software, the Platform, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other event beyond our reasonable control

Catch 26: The one word in all of this that scares the crap out of legitimate lawyers is ‘reasonable’. That leaves truck-sized loopholes that you have to prove is unreasonable. It’s a David versus Goliath but guess who has the deeper pockets to defend the case.

You acknowledge that the internet is an inherently insecure communication medium and that we rely on the availability of external networks and communication links, and that we cannot guarantee and do not warrant the security or availability of the Platform at all times.

Catch 27: Tough if it does not remind you in time, and you have no comeback.

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