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GRIS Available for iPhone and iPad – Spark Chronicles


The artistic GRIS platformer is finally available also for iOS systems, ie for iPad and iPhone.

GRIS, the artistic platform games of Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital, is available for iOS systems, ie for iPad and iPhone, after being released on PC and Nintendo Switch. 

GRIS for iOS costs € 5.49 and can, of course, be purchased from the App Store. Let’s read the official description: 

Gris is a girl full of hope and lost in her world, who finds herself having a very difficult experience. This journey in pain is counterbalanced by her dress, which gives her new skills to face a dark reality. As the story progresses, Gris will grow emotionally and learn to see her world differently, discovering new ways to go using skills she didn’t have before. 

GRIS is a serene and evocative experience, free of dangers, frustrations, and death. Players will explore a meticulously crafted world featuring delicate touch graphics, detailed animations, and elegant original soundtrack. As the world of Gris takes shape, the game will be enriched with accessible puzzles, platform sequences, and optional skill challenges. 

GRIS is almost completely devoid of text: only simple command indications, illustrated by universal icons. It’s a perfect game for everyone, regardless of language. 

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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