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Here's how to sell your old iPad in the easiest way possible – Mashable


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The new iPad Pros have been in the market for a little while, and if you’re eyeing one, you may be wondering how much you can get by reselling your current iPad.

Here’s how to get the most for that device with a trade-in.

First, you’ll need to know some information about your iPad: mainly the model number, what sort of connectivity it has (WiFi only or WiFi+cellular), and storage. If you’re not sure, go to Settings>General>About to see the model number and the storage capacity. 


The most well-known tech trade-in site is Gazelle. It’s one of the better places to trade in iPads, but be warned that iPads tend to depreciate more than iPhones. Gazelle will pay for the device in the form of a check, PayPal deposit, or an Amazon.com gift card. 

Gazelle makes the trade-in easy by sending you a box with a return label. Right now an unlocked 64GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro with no scratches is worth $310, while the 512GB model is worth $410. A larger 12.9-inch 256GB iPad Pro is worth $425. 

It’s worth noting that Gazelle will accept all iPad models dating back to the original, but values will vary. 


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MyPhonesUnlimited is a newcomer in the field, and its prices are about as good as Gazelle’s. Similar to Gazelle, the service will send you a box and return label to send in your old iPad. Plus you will get paid via a check in about a week’s time.

For a 256GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro, MyPhonesUnlimited will pay $280, while a 64GB is worth $230. The 12.9-inch 2nd generation iPad Pro with 64GB of storage is worth $300, or $340 for the 256GB.

Apple GiveBack

Apple's GiveBack program puts an emphasis on helping the environment.

Apple’s GiveBack program puts an emphasis on helping the environment.

Last but not least, Apple has its own GiveBack program. The company will pay up to $250 for your old iPad in the form of an Apple gift card. Unlike when trading in an iPhone, Apple requires you to share the serial number of the iPad to see the trade-in value. It will also ask you to share information about the condition of the device. The one benefit here is that you can put it directly towards the purchase of your next Apple device.

Don’t expect to make a ton back on your iPad trade-in, but it can help make the upgrade a bit more affordable.

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