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Here's how you can make career in gaming industry – India Today

The Journey: From PC to Mobiles

There was a time when gaming used to be PC generic. Big files had to be downloaded or CD ROMS were used to install the large and heavy files to experience the gaming. Gone are the days when it was the time of computers, now are the days to experience the quality gaming upon your fingertips, in a matter of moments, and that too with just a bit of space.

The gaming industry has come a long way from where it began and now boasts to be one of the fastest growing industries of the world.

Here’s how you can make career in gaming industry

This growth seems to be unstoppable considering the rate of development and innovation happening around the gaming world. A number of new gamers and innovative applications have been flooding the market in the past decade and the user base seems to grow with no leaps and bounds. The rate at which the technology is growing has been an important factor to let these applications and new firms bring forward a number of games that went viral due to their features and are being used extensively. Without indulging with a lot of graphics and heavy processing involved, the innovative ideas have played a key role in the development of the better user engagement the user base is experiencing.

Here’s how you can make career in gaming industry

There are number of applications like Funnearn, with their short, easy, time-efficient, and compelling gaming experience, have been the key leaders in driving the gaming industry successfully towards the small screens of the mobiles with easy to use features. The feature which involves the games with the opportunity to win real-money has been extensively accepted by the people and has gained a lot of attraction. The gamers hence have not just been playing games but now have an opportunity to add up to their pocket money too.

The New career option: Trending Gamer

YouTube and other social media platforms are continuously observing the growing trend of the upsurge of the gaming community and the increasing base of gamers. The live streams are gaining more attention than ever before. The user base is trying to follow and indulge with this growing trend to experience and perform better and hence leading to the exponential growth of the fan following of the trending gamers.

Here’s how you can make career in gaming industry

A number of evolving gaming communities, events, and competitions like World Electronic Sports Games in China, Electronic Sports World Cup, and ESL India Premiership Winter LAN, add up to the scope of being a successful gamer in the industry. Gamers like Sagar Vyas, Ankur Diwarkar, Bhavin Kotwani, Simar Sethi, Ishan Arya, are some of the trending names in the gaming industry in India.

The user base seems to be pretty happy about the experience the industry has delivered in recent times. The wide and varied growth of the user base has been growing and is expected to keep growing at the same pace. However, the industry looks forward to keep developing and keep offering the user base with further enhanced content and even better gaming experience.

Here’s how you can make career in gaming industry

The fact that the existing mobile gaming industry has made a significant impact on how the games have evolved in recent times cannot be ignored. The industry is yet to experience the highest boom of the success and still looks forward to the innovation and development that the technology has to offer and the names of the gamers are yet to become the household names.

Authored article by Ashish Solanki, Co-Founder, Funnearn

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