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How to speed up Android smartphones: Step-by-step guide – Times Now

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Key Highlights

  • Your Android smartphone may hang a lot or may run slowly at times
  • You can speed up your Android smartphone by freeing up some space
  • You can also update your phone or restart your device to speed up the device

Using a slow smartphone may often make you feel annoyed and frustrated. Although new smartphones with upgraded RAM and processors are already dominating the market, many a time your smartphone may still work slowly. This may be due to the junks getting saved in the form of cached data or the storage space might have been full. Before planning to buy a new phone, you must try these methods to speed up your Android smartphone

Here’s how you can speed up your Android smartphone

Free up some space

Although your mobile phone might have an abundance of space, you may end up facing low storage problems. You must keep a check on the storage space of your smartphone and manage space accordingly. Try to wipe out unnecessary files and clear off some storage space as it may lessen the speed. You can also delete apps which are of no use as they capture huge space.

Clear up your home screen

You must clear up your home screen once in a while as loading your home screen with too many widgets related to weather, news, etc. may slow down your phone. These widgets can put extra load on the hardware. At times, using various launchers on your device can also slow down your android phones.

Clear cache on your device

Make sure you remove the cached data of apps which are used often but are important. You must clear cached data as it helps in the smooth functioning of the device and helps in boosting up the speed

Update your phone

You must update your phone from time to time as they may help in bug-fixes and also enhance the performance which may help to speed up your phone’s performance.

Use ‘Lite’ versions of the app

Many apps like Facebook, twitter, messenger offers ‘Lite’ version too. You can download the ‘lite’ version to save both space and also improve the phone’s speed. Using such versions can also limit your mobile data use.

Don’t install third-party cleaners

Using task killers or third-party apps may worsen your problem as such apps make our phones slower and also utilises more battery than needed. Moreover, rebooting takes a much longer time if the background application is killed, which eventually may slow down our device.

Restart your device

If your phone hangs too much or is working slow, the best you can do it restart your phone. Doing so may help you clear cache and also stop unnecessary tasks running.   

Factory reset

If none of the methods goes in your favour, then you can perform a factory reset. However, make sure you save or create a backup of all the files before performing a factory reset

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