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iPad – Book of Demons: Tablet Edition (by ThingTrunk) – Touch Arcade

Hey, thank you for posting @macplash ! I’m one of the devs so if anyone has any questions I’ll be happy to answer.

I’ll post modified game description from the beta thread:


Hey guys, been a while since I posted (like 10 years). During most of that time, we were working on the Book of Demons on PC and Mac. Since the successful PC launch, we were working on the iPad port – it took a while since we were a team of seven people but finally, it’s here!

But… What *is* Book of Demons?
Great question! It’s our way of paying tribute to our beloved genre and attempt at recapturing the experience of playing hack&slash dungeon crawling games back when the genre was fresh and everything was new and magical. It’s set in a paper pop-up book world and features modern streamlined mechanics that do away with needless details and detractors and focuses on fun. And it’s packed with light humor and tongue-in-the-cheek genre commentary.

Flexiscope system
The most unique feature is that you can pick how much time you have right now and the game will generate dungeon that you should be able to finish in that timeframe. Knowing how much time you have the game will also try to design the level for optimal flow by distributing bosses, treasures and such in the best way. And it’s balanced and fair regardless of time chunks you play in.

Items, skills, and passive abilities are represented as cards for a more streamlined experience with less time managing junk in inventory. Cards have (of course) interesting synergies and can be picked into clever builds.

[​IMG] Procedurally Generated Dungeons
[​IMG] Roguelike Mode for fans of extreme challenge
[​IMG] 70+ different types of monsters, with different traits and custom mechanics
[​IMG] 5-8 hours long campaign and unlimited freeplay after that
[​IMG] Three classes with unique cards and combat mechanics
[​IMG] 80 base cards each with up to 7000 variants


Ok, I’m still reading so you have me hooked and I need more info!
If you are using Discord then we have a Sneak Peek channel on our server where you can share your thoughts on this build:


You can also subscribe to our bot there to get notifications about this and upcoming games. Did I mention this is the first game in the series? It is! The project is called Return 2 Games and we are planning seven games in total, each a tribute to a different genre we played and loved back in the ’90.

Stay safe in paper dungeons, everyone!


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