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iPad Pro 2019 News: Everything You Need To Know Before Launch – International Business Times

Aside from the iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5 (which is rumored to be shelved this year), the other Apple gadget that fans and analysts are waiting to be launched in the coming month is the iPad Pro 2019. 

What’s next for the new iPad Pro? Since the last model was unveiled in October last year, there’s a big possibility that the new variant would be launching around the same month this year. This means that the iPad Pro may have a different launch date than that of the iPhone 11 and new Apple Watch, which are expected to be launched this coming September. Based on a Bloomberg report,  Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo said there’s even the possibility that the Cupertino group could delay the launch of the new iPad Pro to the first quarter of 2020. 

The reason for the delay might be because Apple users don’t exactly change their iPads as much as they change iPhones, so waiting a year before a new generation of iOS tablet could appear might be more believable. 

The price of the new iPad Pro could remain within the same range as the 2018 models, which are around $799. There was a major price hike from last year’s model due to a number of factors but as we’re expecting small changes this year, the price could remain almost the same. 

For storage, there are rumors circulating that Apple will be ditching the 64GB iPad Pro. With it comes the 128GB as the new entry-level iPad but at the price level of the 64GB. This is an exciting prospect if true and would be a good reason for consumers to go for the new iPad.

As for the design, there won’t be much of a difference compared to the look of the 2018 iPad Pro that’s expected to come this year since Apple is known to be relatively conservative in changing the looks of its device. Last year’s iPad Pro already featured some major updates such as smaller bezels and the removal of the Home button, so this might be hard to follow up so soon. 

A MacWorld report said that the Cupertino firm could come up with a thinner iPad Pro, but this is highly unlikely because the iPad Pro 2018 is already alarmingly slim. 

As for specs, there’s a good reason to expect an A13X processor that promises a moderate boost in terms of the tablet’s performance. So all in all, this year’s iPad Pro is going to be both powerful and very useful and with its current price, it is set to be a good buy if you’re looking to update your device.

iPad Pro display Apple is expected to release a 10.2-inch iPad in September. Pictured: The new iPad Pro is put on display during an Apple launch event at One Hanson Place on October 30, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Apple debuted a new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. Photo: Getty Images/Stephanie Keith  

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