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iRoom's iPad Docking Stations to Gain HomeKit Support – Simon T Bramley

iRoom, the German company that makes docking stations for iPads, will reportedly be gaining HomeKit support for their iTop Pro, iTop Plus, and the new iTop Pro USB-C.

First reported by Residential Tech Today‘s website, the newest model, the iTop Pro USB-C for iPad includes six assignable buttons on the docking station itself, which can be assigned to scenes or individual HomeKit devices. A sliding USB-C connector is provided to accommodate the iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch USB-C models. An added USB-A port is also able to accommodate connections to any third-party charging station – such as Qi wireless charging pads for example.

The iRoom iTop Pro, iTop Plus, and iTop Pro USB-C will all come with Apple HomeKit functionality, allowing users to control lighting, doors, fans, or anything else that is controllable via HomeKit. An adjustable lightning connector matches all iPad models. Its onboard audio jack connects the iPad to any music system. A mechanical code-protected lock secures and protects the iPad from theft.

Current iTop owners will be able to upgrade via a free firmware update. The new iTop Pro USB-C and Apple HomeKit connectivity are due to arrive in the U.S. sometime in April.

For more information on the iRoom range, visit iroomsidock.com.

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