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It is rumored that Apple is developing 5G iPad Pro with mmWave support – NewsDio

Apple is developing a 5G-enabled iPad with mmWave support, according to sources cited by the industry publication DigiTimes.

A preview of the report states that Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor engineering will provide packaged antenna technology for the iPad 5G, in addition to the iPhone 5G. While not specified, it is almost certain that this model would be an iPad Pro since 5G is a high-end feature with higher production costs.

While the first iPhone 5G is expected in the fall of 2020, the report does not indicate when the iPad 5G will be released. The main new features often reach the iPhone before the iPad, but a notable exception was that the third-generation iPad received LTE support in March 2012, before the iPhone 5 in September 2012.

mmWave u millimeter wave is a set of 5G frequencies that promise ultra fast speeds over short distances, which makes it more suitable for dense urban areas. In comparison, 5G sub-6GHz is generally slower than mmWave, but the signals travel farther, and serve suburban and rural areas better.

The full report should be published by tomorrow, and we will update this post if there are additional details to share.


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