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Local man says hackers put adult content on his computer during attempted scam – KBTX

BRYAN, Tex.(KBTX)- A local man says hackers somehow managed to stream pornography onto his computer after he called their bluff during an attempted scam on the phone.

Don Moore, 83, of Bryan says it began with a phone call from someone claiming to be an employee of Apple support. The name on his caller ID also said the call was coming from someone at Apple.

The woman on the other line claimed she was an Apple employee and told Moore his computer had been hacked and she needed access to it to further investigate what happened.

“This whole time I’m really thinking it’s from Apple,” said Moore, “So I let her get into my computer.”

That’s when the woman claimed to have found child pornography on his computer. Moore said he was disturbed and continued listening to what she had to say.

“She said ‘It’s bad. Bad. You could be arrested for that’,” said Moore.

The caller then offered to remove the material from his computer for a price, and that’s when Moore, who doesn’t even own an Apple computer, became more suspicious.

“She said ‘I need you to go to the store and get a $500 Apple card’,” said Moore. He also said everything on the call sounded so real, and they even sent him paperwork telling him he would get his money back if he paid them with the gift card.

“Congratulations, you have successfully enrolled in Apple reimbursement program,” said Moore reading the letter he received.
“Your account paid by the customer during the process will be fully refunded by Apple.”

Moore said he hung up the phone when they kept demanding money, but the trouble didn’t end there. As soon as he hung up the phone, Moore says adult pornography popped on his screen.

That’s when he called a family member with knowledge of computers and together they worked to wipe his computer clean.

“To get fooled like this, I was lucky that I didn’t put out any money,” said Moore, “But I want everyone else to know about it too, so they don’t get caught in the same trap.”

Police say if you receive a call similar to this, to hang up.

KBTX reached out to Bryan police who confirmed that calls like these are a scam, and said this is the first one they heard of this kind.

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