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Lok Sabha Elections dates announced: Polls to be held from April 11 in 7 phases, counting on May 23 – Economic Times

The Election Commission today announced that the Lok Sabha election will be held in 7 phases. CEC Sunil Arora said that the Model Code of Conduct has come into force as it announced the dates for the elections to 17th Lok Sabha. The elections will start on April 11 and continue till May 19. The counting will be held on May 23. Nearly 90 crore voters will be eligible to vote for 543 Lok Sabha constituencies across the country. With the announcement of dates the moral code of conduct comes into force immediately.

Lok Sabha Election 2019 schedule

State-wise poll details:

Phase 1 (April 11)

Andhra (25), Arunachal (2), Assam (5), Bihar (4), Chhattisgarh (1), J&K (2), Maharashtra (7), Manipur (1), Meghalaya (2), Mizoram (1), Nagaland (1), Odisha (4), Sikkim (1), Telangana (17), Tripura (1), UP (8), Uttarakhand (5), West Bengal (2), Andaman (1), Lakshadweep (1);
Total (91)

Phase 2 (April 18)

Assam (5), Bihar (5), Chhattisgarh (3), J&K (2), Karnataka (14), Maharashtra (10), Manipur (1), Odisha (5), Tamil Nadu (39), Tripura (1), UP (8), West Bengal (3), Puducherry (1);
Total: 97

Phase 3 (April 23)

Assam (4), Bihar (5), Chhattisgarh (7), Gujarat (26), Goa (2), J&K (1), Karnataka (14), Kerala (20), Maharashtra (14), Odisha (6), UP (10), West Bengal (5), Dadra and Nagar Haveli (1), Daman and Diu (1);
Total: 115

Phase 4 (April 29)

Bihar (5), J&K (1), Jharkhand (3), MP (6), Maharashtra (17), Odisha (6), Rajasthan (13), UP (13), West Bengal (8);
Total: 71

Phase 5 (May 6)

Bihar (5), J&K (2), Jharkhand (4), MP (7), Rajasthan (12), UP (14), West Bengal (7);
Total: 51

Phase 6 (May 12)

Bihar (8), Haryana (10), Jharkhand (4), MP (8), UP (14), West Bengal (8), Delhi-NCR (7);
Total: 59

Phase 7 (May 19)

Bihar (8), Jharkhand (3), MP (8), Punjab (13), West Bengal (9), Chandigarh (1), UP (13), Himachal (4);
Total: 59

States which will have polling in one phase: Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal, Kerala, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Andaman, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Lakshwadeweep, Delhi, Pomdicherry, Chandigarh.

Polling in 2 phases- phases: Karnataka, Manipur, Rajasthan, Tripura

Polling in 3 phases: Assam, Chattisgarh

Polling in 4 Phases: Jharkhand,Madya Pradesh , Odisha, Maharashtra

Polling in 5 phases: J&K

Polling in 7 phases: Bihar, UP, West Bengal

Key Highlights from Chief Election Commissioner’s speech:

*The Chief Election Commissioner said that the Commission started preparing for elections for quite some time. The Commission started organising meetings with election commissioners of states and UTs. Several rounds of discussions were held with MHA and several other departments like railways for smooth conduct of elections.

*”The panel held deliberations with several departments, including railways, to ensure smooth movement and facilitation during the conduct of polls,” the CEC said.

*Speaking about the number of voters, the CEC Sunil Arora said that the total electorate will be in the vicinity of 900 million or 90 crore of which 15 million or 1.5 crore are in the age group of 18-19 years.

*Emphasising on the purity of electoral rolls as the foundation of fair elections, the CEC said that the process of updation of electoral rolls will continue till the last date of filing of nomination.

*Approximately 10 lakh polling stations in 2019, compared to 9 lakh in 2014.

*Photo voter slip shall be used for guidance but not as proof of identity at polling stations

*17.4 lakh VVPATs will be used with EVMs at all polling stations.

*Usage of loud speakers is prohibited between 10pm-6am in order to curb noise pollution.

Lok Sabha Elections dates announced: Polls to be held from April 11 in 7 phases, counting on May 23 – Economic Times

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