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Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Get Exclusive Characters On PC Or Xbox – Screen Rant

Marvel’s Avengers won’t be getting exclusive characters on Xbox or PC, Crystal Dynamics confirmed after the reveal of PS4 exclusive Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Avengers caused an uproar recently when it was announced that Spider-Man will be exclusive to PlayStation versions of the game, and Crystal Dynamics says PC and Xbox players won’t be getting exclusives of their own. Fans got wind of Spider-Man’s appearance in the game through an Easter egg in a trailer in June, and Sony finally confirmed that he would be in the game just a few days ago.

Predictably, Avengers fans didn’t react well to the news of Spidey’s exclusivity. After some people complained about the decisions and even threatened a boycott over it, Crystal Dynamics essentially shrugged the reaction off, implying that Spider-Man’s exclusivity wasn’t that big a deal. While it may not be worth getting too upset over, the fact that a major hero is exclusive to one platform could end up hurting both the game and the character by forcing Spider-Man into a background role to avoid making important parts of the game off-limits to most players. Sony and Marvel have an existing relationship thanks to 2018’s PS4 hit Spider-Man and the upcoming Spider Man: Miles Morales, but they’re not locked into any exclusive deal.

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Now, in a move that’s guaranteed to reassure some fans and upset just as many others, Crystal Dynamics says that Spider-Man is going to be the game’s only platform-exclusive character. In a discussion with Screen Rant, Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos and designer Lauryn Ash confirmed that there are no plans to introduce exclusive characters for the Xbox or PC versions of Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvels Avengers Artwork

Not adding more exclusive characters is probably the best move that Crystal Dynamics can make for the game overall, but it’s sure to sting for some Xbox and PC players after hearing that they’ll be missing out on an important character in the Avengers canon. However, players do still have additional characters to look forward to, no matter what platform they play on. Hawkeye has already been announced to join the superhero team after Marvel’s Avengers launches, and more unannounced characters are also on the way. Additional characters and content for the game will be free, but microtransactions will also offer cosmetic options like alternate costumes for a price.

As the September 4th release date for Marvel’s Avengers fast approaches, early previews of the game are mixed. Fans reactions have been pretty underwhelming since the game’s reveal, though news like its free post-launch characters and next-gen upgrades have certainly gotten a more positive response. However the game turns out, it’s sure to delight plenty of Avengers fans, who can rest easy knowing that no more of their favorite characters will be platform exclusives.

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Marvel’s Avengers will be released on September 4th, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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