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Member of 'The Dark Overlord' Hacking Group Possibly Arrested … – PCMag

‘The Dark Overlord’ is allegedly behind hacks of hospitals, schools, and even Netflix, which were then blackmailed over the return of their files.

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Serbian authorities may have captured a member of “The Dark Overlord,” a notorious hacking gang that extorted hospitals, schools, and even Netflix.

SecurityWatchOn Wednesday, a possible member of the group was arrested in a raid conducted in conjunction with the FBI. The suspect, whose initials are “S.S.,” was arrested in Belgrade, and investigators seized digital equipment from the person’s apartment.

So far, the FBI is declining to comment on the arrest. But according to Serbian authorities, the arrest was part of an operation to unmask those who use “The Dark Overlord” moniker on the internet.

The Dark Overlord has been active since at least 2016, and is well-known for stealing personal files from medical providers and schools and then threatening to sell the information on the black market unless the institutions pay up. In the past, the hackers have allegedly stolen Social Security numbers, phone numbers and addresses of millions of medical patients, which could be easily used to commit identity theft.

In 2017, the group gained even more notoriety when its members stole upcoming episodes of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, and dumped them online. “It didn’t have to be this way, Netflix,” the group wrote, after the company failed to pay a ransom.

According to Serbian authorities, The Dark Overlord has hacked at least 50 victims, and earned over $275,000 from its various schemes.

It isn’t clear if The Dark Overlord is one person or several, but the online persona has a Twitter account, and has often used the terms “we” and “us” when referring to the group—and threatening hacking victims. PCMag messaged the Twitter feed on Wednesday, but we have not yet received a reply.

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