The Metropolitan Police’s Twitter account, emails and website have been hacked.

Late on Friday messages on Twitter from the Met’s official account read “F*** the police”, and the attackers posted false press releases from the force’s website.

A series of tweets were sent out calling for the release of drill rap artist Digga D.

The posts also linked to press releases the hackers had apparently put together on the Met’s website regarding the rapper and an apparently missing child.

One tweet appeared to take aim at other individuals. It read: “We are the police… Cal and dylan are gay btw.”

A tweet containing an apparent homophobic slur sent on the Metropolitan Police’s official Twitter account by hackers (Twitter)

Emails linking to bogus press releases were also sent from the Met’s email address.

A police spokesman told The Independent they were aware of the issue and were dealing with it. However, a number of tweets from the hackers subsequently appeared.